Energy and power of the yellow color in your home

Yellow color should add to the home a new energy and a lot of serenity. Its warm light will be illuminated and galvanize darker spaces and give a shine of sun’s rays to a small and narrow hallways.

Yellow hallway

Yellow hallway

The symbolism of yellow color

Yellow color in your home warms, glows and reminds us of the sun, that is the source of life. Therefore, many people is perceiving a yellow as life itself. It is called the color of the sun, fire and gold, and it does affect our nervous system.

Yellow nursery

Yellow nursery

On an emotional level may act stimulating, witty and dynamic. It applies to rationally and intellectually colors, that stimulates intellectual and mental work, focus minds and increases concentration. Yellow color in your home stimulates the intellectual side as well as improving communication, and therefore it is the most popular among the idealists and intellectuals.

People who are very fond of yellow color, often want to help others, they like life challenges and they solve problems boldly and without reservation.

Happy and expressive combinations

Cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom and the living room can be created using combinations of different shades of yellow with white paint. It is especially suitable for smaller spaces.

This happy, luxurious and strong color using with a combination of other colors, creates a whole spectrum of different shades. If bright yellow combined with a light blue color, the room will be fresh and bright, and it can beautifies even the dull and cloudy day.

Yellow and blue living room

Yellow and blue living room

This color combination is particularly suitable for the living room, maybe for some minor office, all the more welcome is yellow in other areas such as bedroom, bathroom, and child’s bedroom.

Yellow energy is “in”

Given the fact that yellow brings a fresh new energy in the interior, it is also desirable for modern designers. Last years, when the yellow color is especially “in” you should not have trouble finding yellow decorative items – designers and sellers have what is best and the market enriched by various yellow products.

Yellow bedding

Yellow bedding

If you think that yellow color is just too energetic for your home, you may choose at least some yellow cushions, bedding, maybe some blanket for a chair or sofa, rug, or perhaps lamp. Once you feel the power of yellow color in your home, you will  certainly not regret the decision.

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