Women’s fashion trends that men hate

Don’t think that men don’t notice what you’re wearing, your make up or if you gain a pound or two. Read here what men hates the most about women’s fashion trends.


Uggs are very popular and almost every woman own at least one pair. However, men don’t like them because they think, Uggs looks like a giant boots which completely destroy female sex appeal. They are also bothered by the fact that almost every woman wears them.

fashion trends that men hates everydaytalks.com uggs



Leggings are incredibly comfortable and practical in addition some models create a very nice figure. Nevertheless, most researches confirmed that both, men and fashion experts don’t like them at all. It is true that you buttocks looks better in tight leggings, but this can not be excuse to stop wearing the ordinary and classic pants.

fashion trends that men hates everydaytalks.com leggings

Leggings are not pants!

Too much make up

Strong make up and large amounts of powder is a great turn off for men. Many of them don’t like it and they think wearing too much make up is for carnival.Most men prefer natural look, so don’t overdo it.

fashion trends that men hates everydaytalks.com to much make up

Too much make up makes you look like carnival doll.

Too big sunglasses

According to men, nothing destroys a beautiful face more than a huge black sunglasses. If the size is right and sunglasses fits to your face it is great, but big sunglasses are not suitable for petite women, as they cover up more than two thirds of their face.

fashion trends that men hates everydaytalks.com too big sunglasses

Too big sunglasses

Animals as fashion accessories

There is nothing worse than a small dog dressed in designer creations in a purse or under your arm. Have you ever thought this is animal abuse and this is cruel to animals?

fashion trends that men hates everydaytalks.com animals as accessory

Paris Hilton and her newest “accessory”

Harem pants

Harem pants are fashionable for quite some time now, but men hates them! It may be acceptable for very thin and tall women, but still they looks like a bag in which we store potatoes.

fashion trends that men hates everydaytalks.com harem pants

Harem pants

Pants from the 80ties

The worst rated by men were the pants with high waist. Too much 80ties, they said. If you are not extremely thin, your buttocks may look like a pancake and belly much bigger that it really is.

fashion trends that men hates everydaytalks.com pants with high waist

Pants with high waist

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