When to work out and why is this important?

Fact, that you plan when to work out, will help you to faster, better and more efficient achieving of your goals.

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Fact, that you plan when to work out, will help you to faster, better and more efficient achieving of your goals.

When to work out if you want to: lose weight

Work out: early in the morning

American research has shown, that people who work out soon after getting up in the morning, they are more consistent and work out more often than those who work out at other times of the day. Another study has shown that if you have 45 minutes of morning exercise, you will be less starved for breakfast and you will reach for healthier food. In addition, you will be in a great mood and burn calories during the day. But in all this, keep in mind that when you get up, the muscles need time to warm up, so do not start too fast.

When to work out if you want to: gain strength

Work out: late afternoon or early evening

Most energy a man has between the second and sixth hour in the afternoon. The reason for this lies partly in the testosterone, which is the most responsive to the work out during this period of the day, and also in that hours is your body temperature at the highest. In this part of the day you will feel stronger, more agile (even up to 20 per cent) and your lungs works optimally effective, that means that you are more durable during demanding exercises.

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If you want to lose weight, work out early in the morning.

When to work out if you want: better sleep

Work out: immediately after you get up in the morning

Exercise in any part of the day will help you sleep better, than if would not be working out at all. But there are quite a few reasons why you will sleep better, if you will working out in the morning. Experts for sleep are claiming, that exposure to daylight soon after we get up (while running, biking or driving to the gym) leave our brains a time stamp. The brain remembers when they woke up and when it’s time to go back to sleep. Researchers also found that morning exercise lowers blood pressure and cause an additional 25 percent drop at night, which is also the reason for better sleep.

When to work out if you want to: reset your biological clock

Work out: mid-afternoon 

Your natural bio rhythm can spoil lots of things, even aging. Scientists have found that exercise at any time of day helps to establish bio rhythm again, but the most effective work out is in the afternoon.

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If you want to gain strength, work out late afternoon or early evening.

When to work out if you want to: achieve personal record (and beat the competition)

Work out: at the same time, all the time

Have you noticed that sometimes when you exercise, you have a sense that everything came into place and you’re almost invincible? So let’s say we want to feel that when we are participating in any run or race. And how to achieve it? So, each day you exercise at the same time. This will allow you time excluded as a factor that affects your score. Analyze other factors that affect your performance, including stress levels during the day and sleep quantity, and change this constant. Routine is the key to success.

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If you want to sleep better, work out immediately after you get up in the morning.

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