Walk in closet

The right lighting, right classification, right size. Actually – a closet that is big enough for all your dresses, shirts, underwear and all accessories. We present you a walk in closet.

Big and luxury walk in closet

Big and luxury walk in closet

When dreams become reality

For many people dreams, for imaginative people – a reality. Walk in closet (it could be translated as a closet in which we enter), is not a celebrity wardrobe, but a slightly more modest implementation of the dressing-room.

All in one place

This type of closet has many advantages, in the first place, it is surely this, that all the clothing is stored in one place. Thus, all the other rooms can “relax”, because there is no need to install additional cabinets for clothes.

It is best to establish a special place in Wardrobe area for for shoes – so the shoes will be on stored in one place too. You can also put a mirror in the walk in closet, and with proper lightning it will help visually increase the space and add a touch of glamor.

Walk in closet with mirror

Walk in closet with mirror

Drawers and shelves: welcome!

With proper planning walk in closet will have – in addition to hangers – space for drawers and shelves. Drawers are usually intended for the storage of underwear, swimwear, socks, gloves, scarves, coats, and scarves. Even the shelves are necessary, because there we could store sweaters, sweatshirts, seasonal clothing, accessories, etc.

Walk in closet works even if you live in small apartment, so it is worth considering the possibility of built in closets.

Small walk in closet

Small walk in closet

See more of ideas and pictures for walk in closet in our gallery:

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