9 Unnecessary skin care products

Do you also quickly fell for a mountain of product for skin care? Check out which of them are really unnecessary skin care products.

unnecessary skin care products

Which are those skin care products you don’t really need?

#1: Separate cream for the face, neck and décolletage

The cream that you use for the face, also works effectively on the neck and décolletage. So if you have a good face cream, that moisturizes your facial skin well and protects against premature aging, you can also use it on the neck and décolleté.

#2: Extremely expensive face creams

When it comes to skin care products, expensive does not necessarily mean better. Often, super expensive creams contains ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Often they contains more than your skin actually needs. Get a good quality moisturizer and high quality cleanser and do not forget the sun protection factor, that your face skin will not get burn.

#3: Tonic

Tonic is one of those skin care products that the average woman actually do not need. Tonic is a good choice for women, who have enlarged pores and oily skin. Otherwise, it is just one of the products that empty your wallet.

#4: Hydrating Serums

Moisturizing serums are actually ineffective on a daily basis. They are used after aggressive treatments in beauty salons, because they somehow round the care and heal and soothe the skin. But if you have a sensitive and irritated skin all the time, then hydrating serums are a smart choice.

#5: Separate creams for each body part

Special hand cream, special cream for strong legs, and special cream foot cream … If you think about it, even you don’t believe that there is a big difference between these skin care products. If you buy quality cream or body lotion is also effective in all parts of the body. However, it is wise to have a special face cream.

unnecessary skin care products

Quality body lotion is effective in all parts of the body

#6: Products for body firming

You will only tighten the body with proper nutrition and plenty of targeted exercise. This can’t be done with any product. Some skin hydration products can lessen cellulite and make skin more supple, but fit it – that you can only do it yourself with plenty of mood, self-discipline and perseverance.

#7: Products that remove wrinkles

Products that prevent premature skin aging are one, products that promise to reverse the time, are other thing. As with many things in life, also in skin care is true: prevention is better than cure. A number of course can improve the appearance of your skin, which moisturize and enriched with vitamins, but they will not erase wrinkles as a magic wand. This could be done only with various surgical and some less invasive interventions in the beauty masters.

#8: Sunscreen with a factor higher than 30

With the proper application of sunscreen (that is with sufficiently thick layers and regular application), which has a sun protection factor of 15, you block 95 % of the sun’s dangerous rays, with sun protection factor 30, up to 100 %. You would like to block 120 %? Nonsense, isn’t it? Sunscreen containing SPF higher than 30, may contain intense ingredients that cause allergic reactions and it is harmful to your skin and health.

unnecessary skin care products

Sunscreen with a factor higher than 30 has no effect

#9: Face masks

Although they are really fun to use, they do not have some shocking effect. We need to apply them after more intensive therapies in the beauty salon, the active face masks can be good after peeling then actually penetrate deeper into the skin. It is best, therefore, that here and there you  prepare some home face mask.

unnecessary skin care products

Do it your own face masks!

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