Types of green tea

The largest producers of green tea in the world are China and Japan. In China is a major part of the production of tea done manually, which is why green tea is very expensive and sought after. Green tea is not fermented. This means, that the tea is heated immediately after harvesting, so it retains all its natural materials and characteristics.

 types of green tea

Beneficial effects of green tea

– Improves the immune system
– Contains antioxidants (protects against free radicals)
– Soothes and reduces stress
– It improves cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar
– It protects us against viruses and bacteria
– Anti-Aging
– It helps in bad breath

Japaneese green tea

Japanese green tea is not fermented, the leaves are heated over steam immediately after harvesting and thereby destroy the enzymes that trigger fermentation. Tea has a distinct green color. The most widespread Japanese green tea, which are present in markets are:

  • Sencha: refreshing tea, that you can drink all day long, with a strong flavor and more tein (caffeine) and tannins.
  • Bancha: the more bitter taste with less caffeine, so it is suitable for children.

types of green tea japanese green tea

Chinese green tea

Chinese green tea is mildly fermented and it is light yellow to yellow-orange color. Chinese green tea has many types, the most common, which can be bought in specialized shops, are as follows:

  • Hina Gunpowder: is one of the most popular teas with a tea leaf curled into balls. The tea has a crisp bitter flavor and is very invigorating.
  • Lung Chin: very mild sweet taste with a refreshing and chilling effect. Suitable on hot days.
  • Mao Feng: very drinkable tea that you can drink all day.
  • Pai he tan: not entirely green tea, white tea but, as in the processing remains unchanged. The drink is a pale yellow color and subtle flavor without the soft focus.

China is the largest producer of green tea in the world, it produces 75 percent of the world crop.

types of green tea chinese green tea

Fake types of green tea

Fake types of green tea are gaining perfumed and flavored green teas. Green tea added different flavorings in the form of oils and essences or pieces of dried fruit. You can obtain a green tea flavored with jasmine, Japanese cherry, vanilla, lemon, mint etc..

Tea in filter bag or in leaves?

The quality of both packaged and unpackaged tea is quite diverse, which proves the price of tea. Demerit of tea in filter bags lies in the fact that when you purchase you can not see the contents of the bag. This allows the manufacturer to put in bags tea powder, which is a residue from the processing of tea and so can not compare with high-quality teas. The positive side of tea in filter bag is definitely in the pipeline since it does not need sieving.

How much green tea a day to drink?

It is best to drink 3 to 4 cups a day. The large quantities of green tea because of caffeine causes insomnia and restlessness due to excessive discharge of water from the body, the potential loss of minerals.

Preparation of green tea

Pour hot water over the tea (boiling water leave to stand for 1 to 2 minutes), and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Most health-beneficial ingredients is eliminated after three minutes. Tea after 2 minutes more invigorates and then excreted more tannin binding of caffeine so that a more soothing tea.

If you are preparing tea for a long time, changing the chemical composition, so that the tea becomes bitter and less tasty. Tea leaves may be used several times, except that it was allowed to soak for a long time – 5 minutes.

Tip: The content of polyphenols further enhanced if the freshly prepared tea to add a bit of lemon. Tea leaves are edible, so you can use them as a spice in food preparation, thus get even more healthy substances which are insoluble in water (especially fiber).

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