Tourist services for pets

Pet friendly hotels are in many places around the world already a common practice. See here the most luxury tourist services for pets around the world.

tourist services for pets traveling

Tourist services for pets have no limits!

Room service with prestigious menus for pets

If you want for your pet on holiday to have true culinary indulgence, it is best that you search for hotels in the United States. There are quite a few famous hotels for theirs dog menus, that have little in common with canned food and briquettes. Among other things, four-legged guests can enjoy eggs with brown rice, beef fillet, dog hamburger, tuna spread, goose pate and even excellent caviar for $98. After lunch it is time for dessert like pastries from peanut butter or frozen yogurt. If during the holidays your pet is celebrating his birthday,  you can order even a dog cake of different flavors and shapes.

tourist services for pets luxury menu

Tourist services for pets: Luxury food menu

Wellness for pets

In some hotels around the world, which are famous as the most pet friendly, for well-being of the pets catered with various spa treatments such as massages, luxurious bath, pedicure and hairdressing services. Most wealthy four legged guests in some hotels also get clothing, towels and plush bathrobes. In one of the hotels in Beverly Hills, pets are welcome and they even get a towel with his name.

tourist services for pets wellness

Pets also can get various spa treatments such as massages, luxurious bath, pedicure and hairdressing services.

Psychological workshops for pets

Probably  you wonder how, after such pampering your pet on holiday, prepare him, that would be glad to come back home with you and obey you, even if they are on home menu only briquettes. But if you are in the hotel, which is really kind to animals, do not worry because you can leave your pet to a psychologist in the hotel office. This will solve all his problems, investigate his past life, and he will teach you how to communicate with your pet and ways to deal with him.

tourist services for pets psychologist

Mental health of your pet is also important

The airline exclusively for pets

When you going on holiday to different places on the world, where you need to fly a plane, and you also want to bring your pet with you, it is of course possible, but under certain conditions and often animals have to travel in the luggage compartment.
In 2009, it was in the United States created an unusual airline Pet Airways, which is intended exclusively for the carriage of animals. The founders rearranged the plane,  so that animals are not transported in the luggage compartment, instead of seats for people in the main cabin, there are spaces with comfortable cages for 50 animals. Four-legged passengers on board are accompanied by a flight attendant, that controls them every 15 minutes, taking care of their comfort and well-being, and, if necessary, escort them to urinate. So far such a luxury to their animals could only afford to travel across the United States as Five Airways flight takes place only between different U.S. cities.

tourist services for pets airline travel

Travel with style!

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