Top books for summer

What’s better than relaxing on the beach with a good book in your hand? Well, if you have a refreshing cocktail right next to the book isn’t so bad. See here what are top books for summer reading on the beach.

book for sumer 2014 reading

What are top books for summer reading on the beach?

Top books for summer: Rhonda Byrne – The Power

It is intended for you to have a wonderful life. With this book the author of Secret, Rhonda Byrne, would like to show you how wonderful it is to live your life. Life is much more simpler than you think, and one you understand how to perform and what kind of power you have within you, you will feel all the magic of life – and you will live fabulous.

books for summer 2014 reading power rhonda byrne

Rhonda Byrne – The Power

Top books for summer: Kathryn Stockett – The Help

The Help is timeless and universal story, about how we can take the things into our own hands and change them. The fact that certain rules exists only in order to be violated. Mississippi, 1962. Twenty year old Skeeter just graduated from college and returned to the home plantation. But her mother won’t be happy until her daughter will be engaged. Aibileen, dignified, good hearted maid already raising seventeenth white child, but the death of her own son in her sprout the bitter seeds. She is no longer prepared to swallow everything. Minny, her best friend, is the most-tongued maid far and wide. She is known as a great cook, but with her mouth she was cooked another mess that will cost her her job. Three different women knit unexpected friendship and decide to resist society. Kathryn Socket wrote her first novel for five years. Immediately after the publication it was a huge success and it was translated to 40 different languages. For more than two years at the top of the New York Times bestseller is a true literary phenomenon after which they also recorded a movie.

books for summer 2014 reading help kathryn stockett

Kathryn Stockett – The Help

Top books for summer: Arto Paasilinna – The happy man

One spring day the villagers of Kuusmäki, with the arrival of engineer Akseli Jaatinen, await the final start of the construction of new bridge. Bridge, which will replace the old, already shaky Murderous bridge. But municipal officials are not too enthusiastic: the first day they seem that the engineer get along with workers too well and that the bridge will not be completed at the time, next day they seemed everybody is working to hard. The conflict is just waiting to happen. But the newcomer is not a man who would just give up, and when it seems that village grandees defeated him, the Jaatinen’s way up is only on the beginning.

The Finnish author Arto Paasilinna become famous around the world because of his brilliant and excellent prose.

Top books for summer: Danielle Trussoni – Angelology

Fantastical journey through mythology and tense match between good and evil in the style of Da Vinci Code.

Sister Evangeline was still a little girl when shortly after her mother’s death, father entrusted her withe the nuns in a convent not far from New York. Now, at her 23 years, she encounters correspondence between Abagail Rockefeller and already deceased superior of the monastery of haunting discovery in the Bulgarian mountains in 1943.

books for summer 2014 reading angelology

Danielle Trussoni – Angelology

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