Top 5 cities to live in

The latest survey on quality of life is revealed in what city in the world at the moment residents enjoy the highest quality of living conditions and in which city are doing the worst. Here are top 5 cities to live in!

top 5 cities to live in vienna austria

For the fifth year in a row, the best city to live in is the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Mercer International Agency published the results of its latest survey on quality of life Quality of Living 2014 and revealed, in which cities are currently living conditions the best and which not so pretty. The study involved 223 cities around the world, and considering the 39 criteria in the field of political and social conditions, economic conditions, cultural – social environment, health, education, public transport, electricity and water, opportunities for recreation and leisure, housing, availability of consumer goods, etc..

The best place to live in the world is Vienna

According to the all criteria is as a city with quality living standards for the fifth year in a row proved the Austrian capital, Vienna. Top of the list is dominated by European cities. Vienna, in second place followed by Switzerland’s Zurich, Auckland, New Zealand on the third, fourth German city Munich and at the Fifth Canadian Vancouver, which is the first among the cities of North America.

top 5 cities to live in vienna austria

#1 cities to live in: Vienna, Austria

top 5 cities to live in zurich switzerland

#2 cities to live in: Zurich, Switzerland

top 5 cities to live in auckland new Zealand

#3 cities to live in: Auckland, New Zealand

top 5 cities to live in munich germany

#4 cities to live in: Munich, Germany

top 5 cities to live in Vancouver canada

#5 cities to live in: Vancouver, Canada

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