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carnival of venice

Carnival of Venice 2014

In Venice, Italy was officially launched traditional Carnival of Venice 2014. The organizers expect the colorful spectacle of music, street art and culture in the next two weeks visited by hundreds of thousands of people. Many visitors are attracted to especially magnificent masks and colorful costumes, which are a fixture of the Carnival of Venice. […]

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most beautiful views santorini

10 hotels balconies with most beautiful views

Wow, with the views like those, everyone would spend the entire holidays in the hotel room! Check out here 10 hotel balconies with the most beautiful views on the world! We gathered hotel rooms from all over the world, that with their balconies and terraces offer some of the most stunning and most beautiful views […]

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best beaches in greece navagio zakynthos

The best beaches in Greece

We present you some of the greatest beauties of Greek beaches, which is definitely worth a visit. Here are the best beaches in Greece! Infinite Greek coast, which with its 15,000 kilometers in length is one of the longest in the world, is home to about 190,000 beaches and also each of them has its […]

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best private islands

The best private islands on the world

Have you ever dreamed about to have a dream island for yourself? Take a look at the best private islands on the world. Some private islands are famous as the most beautiful corners of the earth. Small tropical havens, where your only company are sunshine, palm trees, beautiful beaches and incredible natural beauty. It makes […]

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most expensive hotel room in the world presidential suite hotel president wilson

The most expensive hotel room in the world

You will not believe how much some celebrities spend for the night in a hotel suite, which is currently considered the most luxurious and most expensive hotel room in the world! Take a walk at unbelievable and exquisite rooms of the Royal Penthouse suite, currently the most expensive hotel room in the world, which stretches […]

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tavarua island heart honeymoon

Tavarua: The island of love

Not far away from the largest Fiji island of Viti Levu in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies a charming private island of Tavarua, which is famous for its very special form – the form of the heart, as a result, many call it “Island of Love”. 120,000 m2 big heart is a romantic […]

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weirdest hotel in 2013 sheraton hozhou hot springs resort

Weirdest hotel in 2013

In China has recently opened hotel, which was described as the most unusual and weirdest hotel in 2013. See here, why. In the Chinese city of Huzhou, American hotel chain Sheraton has built a new hotel, Sheraton Huzhou Hot Springs Resort, which is due to its unique and futuristic looks several media have described as […]

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oia santorini greece

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Oia is a small town with the most beautiful sunsets. Check out why else you should visit the picturesque town of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini. Santorini, the southernmost Greek island in the Cyclades, has been repeatedly selected as the best holiday destination in Europe and the most beautiful volcano in the world. […]

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expensive yachts dilbar

7 most expensive yachts on the world

View photos of 7 most prestigious and expensive yachts of all time and check who are the lucky ones who can enjoy their embrace. #7 most expensive yachts: Al Mirqab The owner of about 190 million euros (260 million dollars) worth yacht, Al Mirqab, is the Qatar Prime Minister – Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani. […]

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fear of flying airplane wing

Fear of flying?

Almost 40 percent of the people have fear of flying. If you are one of them, you must to confront you fear, otherwise the fear will further increase. Wanna know how to deal with it? Fear of flying is taught Given the fact that the fear of flying rarely occurs before the age of 6-8, we […]

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