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oscars 2015 academy awards memorable moments everydaytalks.com

10 interesting Oscars moments

Here are some memorable, the best and the worst Oscars moments from this years Academy Awards. 10. John Travolta 9. Eddie Redmayne gets his Oscar 8. Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews 7. Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear. Show must go on, even if you are in undies. 6. Oprah and her Lego Oscar 5. […]

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creative beds ideas unusual bed bedrooms children room child everydaytalks.com

Creative beds ideas

Who doesn’t like to sleep? For the better sleeping experience, you can sleep in unusual, but creative bed. Take a look at some creative beds ideas, some of them a re really nice. Are you looking for an idea for child bedroom? How about a tree house? Or maybe a bed in a carriage from […]

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apple vinegar detox drink clean body

Apple vinegar detox drink

Apple vinegar contains natural acids which dissolve fats and also destroy harmful bacteria in the gut. Here is an recipe for apple vinegar detox drink. Apple vinegar also encourages metabolism, restores the intestinal mucosa and contributes to faster and better elimination of toxins and undigested food from the gut. For great detox drink for cleaning your […]

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Snow globe

DIY Snow globe

Snow globes are magical and beautiful, so why not make one at home? It’s super simple and easy, doesn’t make a huge  mess and is fun to make. You can give a personalised DIY snow globe to your family and loved ones for christmas and even make them special for them, with the things they adore […]

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Black nail polish nails minimalistic design

Black nail polish variations

Black nail polish is truly a classic, often perceived as sophisticated but also quite simple and plain. But black nails don’t always have to be something you’ve seen before a thousand times. Matte black nail polish is a way that still makes your nails look sultry and classy, but with a twist that spices up […]

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the coldest place on the world oymyakon russia town

The coldest place on the world

You have no idea what everyday problems have residents of the coldest city on the world, where average winter temperature is minus (yes, you’ve read right, MINUS) 60 degrees Celsius. There are almost no plants, but they have all the toilets outside of the houses. It is hard to believe, but some people really live […]

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prabal gurung mac cosmetics new collection makeup products gold

Prabal Gurung, new MAC Cosmetics collection

Naples American fashion designer Prabal Gurug, who works in New York, has this autumn joined forces with MAC Cosmetics. The word, that best describes their cooperation is glamor. Prabal Gurung explained, that during designing the new cosmetic products he had in mind independent, intelligent and attractive woman. Luxurious gold packaging, elegant signature and modern aesthetics […]

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home spa london lawson robb architecture wellness decor underground

Home spa in the underworld of London

Beautiful home spa in private house is and excellent project of architectural studio Lawson Robb. Underground wellness oasis, by which we were totally impressed, was build by architectural studio Lawson Robb. This luxurious complex is designed for the costumer, who wanted similar treatments as they have in the best hotels around the world, at his […]

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after sun skin care sunbathing sunburns

After sun skin care

During summer, when we are exposed to sun longer than the rest of the year, in addition to protecting the skin on the sun is also important  after sun skin care. If the skin is damaged because of the sun, normal body milk won’t be enough. You have to choose between products that moisturize your […]

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summer shoes 2014 jimmy choo sandals fashion

Must have summer shoes 2014

Are you wondering which are the must have summer shoes for this years summer? Which is the “it” model? Read on… Some of you have first sunny days already availed to wear sandals, most of you still beats daily struggle with changing weather and daily temperature checks, before leaving the house in the desire that […]

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