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how to make a smoothie recipe basics making a smoothie diy everydaytalks.com

How to make a smoothie?

Smoothie is actually a fast meal in a glass. A meal full of vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and even more. It is delicious and nutritious supplement for meal or snack. There is much more to smoothies than just ice and fruit. Here are some tips how to make a smoothie as you like. 1. Fruit […]

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apple vinegar detox drink clean body

Apple vinegar detox drink

Apple vinegar contains natural acids which dissolve fats and also destroy harmful bacteria in the gut. Here is an recipe for apple vinegar detox drink. Apple vinegar also encourages metabolism, restores the intestinal mucosa and contributes to faster and better elimination of toxins and undigested food from the gut. For great detox drink for cleaning your […]

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french stars cookies with frosting christmas cookies

French stars cookies

Here is the recipe for delicious and easy Christmas cookies – french stars cookies with frosting. They are great with tea, cocoa or hot chocolate. Ingredients: 200g of butter 200g of powdered sugar 200g grated hazelnuts teaspoon of cinnamon 2 egg yolks 350g all purpose flour Frosting 100g of powdered sugar juice of one lemon […]

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pina colada recipe original cocktail drink

Pina Colada

Drink about which Rupert Holmes sings in song Escape, better know as the Pina Colada Song, is the national drink of Puerto Rico since 1978. The first instance of this cocktail was created in 1954 in a bar of the Caribe Hilton’s Beachcomber in the Puerto Rican capital, San Juan, beneath the fingers of Ramon […]

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apple waffles recipe cooking

Apple waffles

Treat yourself with apple waffles. It is a great dessert or refreshing breakfast. Ingredients: – 250 g butter – 75 g sugar – grated lemon peel – 4 eggs – 250 g flour – 1 teaspoon of baking powder – 1/8 l of lukewarm milk – 300 g peeled and finely chopped apples – 50 […]

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curry chicken recipe


Curry is one of those dishes that at first glance does not look like the most delicious, but a mixture of spices and chili sharpness enchant you in the moment! Curry is a word, that takes up a lot more than just a single dish, because it is a specialty that everyone can prepare it […]

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shirley temple cocktail

Shirley Temple Cocktail

In loving memory of a legend we present you the famous cocktail, Shirley Temple. The actress has left, her films and her famous cocktail remains. She left. Another Hollywood legend. At 86 years died Shirley Temple, actress who was loved by the film industry from an early age and hers naughty curls. The news of the […]

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spices that melt cellulite turmeric


Turmeric is a spice or seasoning powder yellow color, derived from the roots of ginger related plant Curcuma longa. The spice is widely used in the Far East, where her home is. It arrived in Europe through Arab traders. In the Middle Ages it was called Indian saffron. The name “yellow spice” indicates one of […]

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Quinoa recipe quinoa with vegetables carrots

Quinoa recipe: Quinoa with vegetables

Many experts have described quinoa as super food because it contains more protein than any other grain, has fewer carbohydrates than other cereals and boasts a nearly ideal balance of eight essential amino acids. It does not contain gluten and is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. It works exceptionally tonic and is suitable for […]

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Sweet bread

Sweet bread for holiday morning

What to put on festive table? Bouquet of still green twigs, which you pick on a walk, a bowl of nuts, something that warms the throat (tea, hot chocolate, grog)? And something sweet, it can also be bread. Sweet bread is in fact, a true classic during the winter holidays. You can bake in stock, […]

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