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Coconut oil benefits

Coconut oil benefits for beauty

Coconut oil is amazing in so many ways. Coconut oil’s benefits have been covered extensively in various research papers, but now its benefits are finally reaching the mainstream. Coconut oil is derived from the copra of the coconut (the dried meat of the coconut) which is 60-70% fatty acids, 4-10% water, and has a protein […]

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Flavored olive oil (SXC)

Prepare homemade flavored olive oil

We present some ideas on how you can prepare your own delicious flavored oils to suit your taste. Hint: this is a very good idea for a gift! You will be surprised how easy it can be, to prepare a homemade flavored olive oil which is great with salads, bruschettes, pasta and other dishes. Basis […]

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Natural antibiotics

Pharmaceutical antibiotics each year save millions of lives. These products, when used carefully, are very effective but many experts warn to their excessive use. Because of the excessive use of antibiotics, the bacterias are becoming resistant and they are attacking even healthy population. If you have a minor bacterial infection, for example. mild sore throat, […]

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