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Lemonade detox

Lemon is an excellent source of citric acid, which stimulates digestive enzymes responsible for the improved blood flow and reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Enjoying freshly squeezed lemon juice, optional diluted with warm or cold water, encourages detoxification of the liver and accelerates the process of breaking down fat. That lemonade achieve […]

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5 natural diuretics

Water retention in the body can be very uncomfortable, but before you visit the pharmacy, check out how you can help yourself with completely natural diuretics. First of all we have to straightened out some facts that you need to know: Quantity of drank water does not affect on the level of water retention in […]

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Flavored olive oil (SXC)

Prepare homemade flavored olive oil

We present some ideas on how you can prepare your own delicious flavored oils to suit your taste. Hint: this is a very good idea for a gift! You will be surprised how easy it can be, to prepare a homemade flavored olive oil which is great with salads, bruschettes, pasta and other dishes. Basis […]

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Natural cleaners for bathroom

Sometimes cleaning a bathroom it’s a real hassle. Cleaners do not help and dirt which does not disappear. Have you tried the homemade natural cleaners for bathroom? It is very cheap and easy to replace aggressive chemical cleaners with natural cleaners. Not only are more environmentally friendly, but of course even more secure for your […]

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