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harry styles home villa new one direction

New house of One Directon star – Harry Styles

So young and he already can afford something like this! Check out new real estate from Harry Styles, One Direction. 20 year lead singer of One Direction and heart breaker of young female hearts, Harry Styles, has one more reason to celebrate: a new 4 million dollar mansion in the upscale village of Hollywood Hills. […]

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diy dishwashing detergent home made

DIY dishwashing detergent

Little help in the kitchen is always good, so we present a simple recipe for homemade pure and natural DIY dishwashing detergent. Purchased goods often contain artificial ingredients, harmful substances and chemicals that are damaging not only our skin but also the entire body. Dishwashing detergent is extremely easy to make and this way you […]

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Matthew McConaughey home austin

Home of Matthew McConaughey

Once upon a time a big charmer and heart breaker, but today a peaceful family man, Matthew McConaughey. He owns more than one property, but this time we offer you an insight into his luxurious villa, located near Austin. 44-year-old actor and Academy Award winner, for many years attributed to the romance of the most […]

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dream house vivienda la florida spain modern architecture

Dream house: Vivienda La Florida

Dream house, Vivienda La Florida, is a project from skilled architects Otto Medem de la Torriente. The residence is put in peaceful environment close to Madrid, Spain.  Because it lays in very near of highway, the architect had to figure it out solution that would shelter the residents of this fantastic home from the noise […]

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dry air orange peel radiator

Little tricks against dry air in the room

Winter brings colds, sneezing, coughing and dry skin. Sound familiar? You can say goodbye to all these ailments with adequate humidity in the rooms. How? Humidifiers facilitate living in place and help prevent many diseases. You can also help yourself  with the cup of water on the radiator in which you add the essential oil. […]

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feng shui garden stairs path rocks

Feng Shui garden

The garden is a fantastic spot to introduce feng shui principles. In Feng Shui garden you are able to generate a tranquil oasis of serenity and calm, and increase the overall feng shui of your home. There are several key features to make note of when integrating feng shui to your garden. Houses are often […]

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Mansion in West Vancouver (photo: myfancyhouse.com)

Unique mansion in Vancouver

This unique and luxury mansion in West Vancouver was created by the architect Marque Thompson.  There is not just spectacular facade, it has a beautiful water view and a luscious green landscape around the residence. This mansion in Vancouver is a smart home and it can be controlled from a nowhere in the world. It […]

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Natural cleaners for bathroom

Sometimes cleaning a bathroom it’s a real hassle. Cleaners do not help and dirt which does not disappear. Have you tried the homemade natural cleaners for bathroom? It is very cheap and easy to replace aggressive chemical cleaners with natural cleaners. Not only are more environmentally friendly, but of course even more secure for your […]

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Room colors for your home

Warm room colors stimulate activity and are the most recommended for northern areas in your home, usually used for socializing, while cool tones are used in rooms, where you rest and calm, such as a bedroom. Find out how to choose the correct room colors for your home. Colors have proven a significant effect on […]

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