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Why is it good to shower after workout

Probably it sounds funny, but take a shower after workout has more advantages than just to wash a sweat from yourself. Take care of hygiene In the first place is of course hygiene. Especially important is, that you take a shower after workout if you have been in contact with another person, because this will […]

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Kiwi fruit

Wonders of Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is in winter irreplaceable source of vitamin C, but it is also great as a cosmetic asset. Winter is the time of kiwi fruit. At that very time it is in abundance and it is an irreplaceable source of vitamin C when you need it most. If you do not the kiwi lover, […]

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Painful breasts (SXC)

Do you have sensitive breasts?

Hormonal changes before menstruation is the most common cause of sensitive and painful breasts. With sensitive breasts are faced almost half of women. Breast tenderness is on maximum just before your period, but it also can occur as a result of taking certain medications. You can make the pain easier for yourself, but if the […]

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Chocolate (sxc)

Dark chocolate

Although chocolate is quite calorific, dark chocolate has many positive effects on our body. Hazel, milk, strawberry, dark – chocolate. Who does not like it? Although it is quite calorific, dark chocolate also has many positive effects on our body. One of them is even this that makes us happy. Let’s see what are the […]

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Spinach soup

Spinach soup is a healthy and popular dish among adults and children. Check how to prepare that really tasty and healthy meal. Ingredients: 500 g spinach 60 g of butter or oil, or a mixture of both 2 tablespoons flour Clove of garlic Half a liter of milk 1.5 liters of soup made ​​from organic […]

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Avocado (photo: SXC)

Healing effects of avocado

Do you know what are healing effects of avocado? Lack of protein can lead to skin problems, thin hair and anemia. This problem can be resolved with the consumption of avocado, which is rich source of protein. Not only that, it also contains many other substances that protect your health. Hair, teeth, skin, nails, brain cells, […]

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Almonds (photo: SXC)

5 foods that lower cholesterol

More and more people have problems with a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood due to inadequate nutrition. What are the foods that  lower cholesterol? Cholesterol is only in foods of animal origin Cholesterol is a glossy white crystalline substance. For our bodies it is inevitable needed and its lack or excess can harm […]

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Spices are good for boosting your immune system (photo: SXC)

Boost your immune system with food

Some foods weaken the organism and make it more vulnerable to infections, and the other boost your immune system and prepare it for the fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. Autumn offers us the most energy and we need to protect against seasonal ills because in this part of the year,  the most fruit and […]

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Magnesium (iStockphoto)

5 health magnesium benefits

There are a lot magnesium benefits, because magnesium is one of the important minerals for good health. It is an essential mineral that keeps us healthy and drives more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium helps in the transmission of nerve impulses, body temperature regulation, detoxification and energy production and the formation of […]

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Natural antibiotics

Pharmaceutical antibiotics each year save millions of lives. These products, when used carefully, are very effective but many experts warn to their excessive use. Because of the excessive use of antibiotics, the bacterias are becoming resistant and they are attacking even healthy population. If you have a minor bacterial infection, for example. mild sore throat, […]

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