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benefits of pineapple

Benefits of pineapple

In addition to vitamins and minerals provided by most fruits, pineapple is also a rich source of some of the lesser known micro-nutrients that our body needs. That is why pineapple is a good choice of fruit, that will fill you with energy and keep you safe from diseases. Read on to see more benefits […]

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Ginger tea

There is no end to the list for what is ginger beneficial. This time about how great it is for our body to clean of the toxins. Here are the recipe for ginger tea! Always keep around ginger and your digestion will be grateful! In addition, it has a soothing effect on your mood and […]

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drink that melts fat grapefruit mandarine cucumber mint smoothie

Detox drink that melts fat

Do you want to clean the body of toxins and get rid of fats? Then you should try this detox drink that melts fat! Once in a while your body needs a break and detoxing, that you can wash out of it all the toxins and fat that has accumulated. That is the time for […]

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benefits of wine bottle red wine glass

Ancient medicine: benefits of wine

Drinking wine in moderate amounts has tremendous positive effects on our health. Check out what are the benefits of wine! “Of all the drinks the wine is the most useful, most delicious medicine and the most enjoyable food.” That has around the year 100 wrote the Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch, and he was right! In addition […]

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omega 3 fatty acids importance food diet

Why are omega 3 fatty acids so important?

For our health we urgently need the fats – but only some, and in the right format. Among essential nutrients that are necessary for the functioning of the organism and health protection, belongs unsaturated fatty acids: omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Since the body does not form them itself, it is necessary to […]

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high blood pressure healthy food diet

Food for high blood pressure

Here are five food groups, which play a key role in lowering high blood pressure. Many people have problems with high blood pressure. It is important that we keep medical advice, a healthy lifestyle and yourself can contribute to the improvement of the problem. It is important to regularly exercise, to maintain a healthy weight […]

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regular exercise benefits running

Benefits of regular exercise

Check out what those who exercise regularly, have the advantage over those who do not put on recreation much. Here are some benefits of regular exercise. For 30 minutes of daily aerobic activity and yet we feel better and we are filled with energy. For your health you will do even more if you increase […]

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signs of pregnancy test positive

8 signs of pregnancy

No matter, whether the pregnancy is good or bad news, you’d certainly like to find out as soon as possible. Check here what are the early signs of pregnancy! Some women know they are pregnant at the time of conception, others only after the absence of menstrual periods, and some are even those, that pregnancy […]

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when to work out women clock

When to work out and why is this important?

Fact, that you plan when to work out, will help you to faster, better and more efficient achieving of your goals. When to work out if you want to: lose weight Work out: early in the morning American research has shown, that people who work out soon after getting up in the morning, they are […]

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spices that melt cellulite chilli

4 spices that melt cellulite

Speed ​​up your metabolism with these spices and your cellulite will start to melt. Spices that melt cellulite: Black pepper Black pepper stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation, which is very important in anti-cellulite care. Black pepper is also a great antioxidant and helps to prevent the loss of the enzyme glutathione in the body. […]

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