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Goji berries

Already know goji berries? If the answer is no, it is time to get to know them. Small red fruits that will bring you a lot more than it seems at first glance, will soon become integral part of your daily meals. Beautiful tree with delicate purple flowers, that grows in the high hills in […]

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Foods for better concentration

Summer is slowly saying goodbye and vacation time is over. You will again have to work hard in school or work and strain your brain to the maximum. For better concentration, memory and the possibility of thinking a proper nutrition can be very helpful. In this article we will explain which foods to avoid and […]

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grapes benefits health vitamins


Autumn brings new delicacies, including sweet grapes, which is well known that cleans body and improves digestion. In addition it has many other positive effects on the body. Grapes contain a lot of fruit sugar (to 20 percent), which makes it healthy source of energy that gives us strenght to work through the day. Furthermore […]

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5 natural diuretics

Water retention in the body can be very uncomfortable, but before you visit the pharmacy, check out how you can help yourself with completely natural diuretics. First of all we have to straightened out some facts that you need to know: Quantity of drank water does not affect on the level of water retention in […]

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green tea teapot drinking benefits

Green tea, healing potion

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular refreshing and invigorating drink, so between the old and the young. Tasty drink can be served in all seasons, it’s good so cold as warm. Green tea protects you against many modern diseases of civilization, moreover, is essential in weight loss and prevent aging. The hunter to free radicals […]

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training with weights

Training with weights

Thinking that the body after a training with weights will look excessively muscular, is wrong! Check out why. When we talk about weight loss and body transformation, training with weights is that section, to which tries to avoid the majority of women. We will reveal you 5 reasons, why you’ll more often go in the […]

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give up fried foods

Give up fried foods!

Are you a big fan of frying, and without that not imagine a meal? Then be careful, because you belong to a group with an increased risk of developing dementia. New research indicate,s that there is the material, which is located in the frying associated with the development of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. That […]

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nutrition advice for nice figure

4 nutrition advice for nice figure

Nutrition plays a major role in weight loss and weight maintenance, and the following nutrition advice are very important for successful weight loss and well-being. Nutrition advice #1: Several small meals per day Prepare yourself 4-5 small meals per day. In this way you will avoid any sudden attack of hunger and speed up your […]

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losing weight fruit

Losing weight – Small Changes, Big Results

Instead of chips, eat nuts, instead of sour cream, use sour milk, instead of coffee with milk, treat yourself with only black coffee. If you suffer from being overweight, you are probably already familiar with hundreds of different losing weight diets, that promise miracles. And even if they are successful, when you let them go, […]

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eat fruits

How to correctly eat fruits

We all think eating fruits means that we buy, cut into pieces and eat. But not as easy as you think. It is important to know how and, above all, when to eat fruits. The key rules on how to eat fruits Always eat fruit only on an empty stomach. Fruit should not be eaten […]

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