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High intensity interval training hiit workout everydaytalks

High intensity interval training

High intensity interval training or HIIT is a combination of the maximum and minimum intensity exercise activities. Type of exercise is not important, the important thing is that you practice at 100% of your abilities. Example of an exercise: 20 seconds sprinting and 1 minute walk. You have to repeat the intervals five times and […]

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training with weights

Training with weights

Thinking that the body after a training with weights will look excessively muscular, is wrong! Check out why. When we talk about weight loss and body transformation, training with weights is that section, to which tries to avoid the majority of women. We will reveal you 5 reasons, why you’ll more often go in the […]

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nutrition advice for nice figure

4 nutrition advice for nice figure

Nutrition plays a major role in weight loss and weight maintenance, and the following nutrition advice are very important for successful weight loss and well-being. Nutrition advice #1: Several small meals per day Prepare yourself 4-5 small meals per day. In this way you will avoid any sudden attack of hunger and speed up your […]

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losing weight fruit

Losing weight – Small Changes, Big Results

Instead of chips, eat nuts, instead of sour cream, use sour milk, instead of coffee with milk, treat yourself with only black coffee. If you suffer from being overweight, you are probably already familiar with hundreds of different losing weight diets, that promise miracles. And even if they are successful, when you let them go, […]

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drink that melts fat grapefruit mandarine cucumber mint smoothie

Detox drink that melts fat

Do you want to clean the body of toxins and get rid of fats? Then you should try this detox drink that melts fat! Once in a while your body needs a break and detoxing, that you can wash out of it all the toxins and fat that has accumulated. That is the time for […]

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regular exercise benefits running

Benefits of regular exercise

Check out what those who exercise regularly, have the advantage over those who do not put on recreation much. Here are some benefits of regular exercise. For 30 minutes of daily aerobic activity and yet we feel better and we are filled with energy. For your health you will do even more if you increase […]

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how to get rid of belly until summer crunches workout cardio

Tricks of how to get rid of belly until summer

Today is the perfect day to start, and by the summer on a simple way get rid of belly. How to do that on easy way? Here are some simple tricks! Thanks to the sexy celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, feminine and rounded buttocks are no longer something bad and skinny models have […]

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Exercises for slim thighs

Exercises for slim thighs

Thighs are with most women the most problematic part of the body. However, you can use these exercises for slim thighs and format your tights to become firm and flattening. Squat with ball Between the wall and lower back, place the ball  and gently lean against it. Squat down deep as you can, so that you […]

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when to work out women clock

When to work out and why is this important?

Fact, that you plan when to work out, will help you to faster, better and more efficient achieving of your goals. When to work out if you want to: lose weight Work out: early in the morning American research has shown, that people who work out soon after getting up in the morning, they are […]

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spices that melt cellulite chilli

4 spices that melt cellulite

Speed ​​up your metabolism with these spices and your cellulite will start to melt. Spices that melt cellulite: Black pepper Black pepper stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation, which is very important in anti-cellulite care. Black pepper is also a great antioxidant and helps to prevent the loss of the enzyme glutathione in the body. […]

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