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diy wall art graffiti bedroom

DIY wall art party

DIY wall art projects are a great way to express yourself and have fun at the same time. For the last six months my family has lived in peril as we bumbled and stumbled over time consuming home improvement projects. The work was tedious and sometimes tiresome, but it was great family bonding and we […]

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diy home decor wall art bedroom

DIY home decor

Today, many homeowners utilize DIY home decor solutions when decorating their home. Hiring professionals that specialize on interior design usually charge high rates and this is why homeowners on a budget prefer to work on the decorating on their own. There are many ideas that you can find online and finding the right project usually […]

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feng shui garden stairs path rocks

Feng Shui garden

The garden is a fantastic spot to introduce feng shui principles. In Feng Shui garden you are able to generate a tranquil oasis of serenity and calm, and increase the overall feng shui of your home. There are several key features to make note of when integrating feng shui to your garden. Houses are often […]

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diy headboard bedroom yellow writting on wall

DIY Headboard

Furniture stores have rows of headboards, but that does not mean their selection meets your style or budget requirements. If you are looking to complete a bedroom, consider a DIY headboard as the focal point in the room. While not everyone has the tools or knowledge to create the same level of project, there are […]

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diy wedding invitation white paper

DIY wedding invitations

Making your own wedding invitations is quite an exciting activity in all your wedding preparations. As soon as you have chosen the color motif and theme of your wedding, it is already easy to create a layout or design for the invitations. If you want to save big bucks on your invites, consider DIY wedding […]

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Quinoa recipe quinoa with vegetables carrots

Quinoa recipe: Quinoa with vegetables

Many experts have described quinoa as super food because it contains more protein than any other grain, has fewer carbohydrates than other cereals and boasts a nearly ideal balance of eight essential amino acids. It does not contain gluten and is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. It works exceptionally tonic and is suitable for […]

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DIY clothes scissors fabric how to

DIY clothes

If you have plenty of used clothes that you find outdated, out fashioned or do not fit you anymore, do not throw it into the trash bin or hand it over to charity. There are still hundreds of ways that you can make use of your old clothes and turn it into something fashionable, fresh […]

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creative DIY stuff ketchup bottle pancakes mix

Creative DIY stuff

We present you 20 most creative DIY stuff, a simple solutions for everyday problems. They are easy, quick and useful! #1 For crunchy taco shells, turn your muffin pan upside down, spry it with cooking oil and bake tortillas for approximately 10 minutes at 375 degrees. #2 Use a muffin tin to serve condiments at […]

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Ways to reuse tissue boxes

Ways to reuse tissue boxes

Here comes the new season of sneezing and nasal congestion. Others have, due to allergies, stocks of tissues throughout the year. So every time you spend all tissues, all there is left is empty tissue box and still clogged nose 🙂 Is there something useful you can do with this box? Sure, here are some ways […]

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Potato skins

5 recipes for New Year’s Eve finger foods

#1 New Year’s eve Finger foods: Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes Ingredients: 8-10 cherry tomatoes (depending on number of people and whether this will be the only snack or a complement to the rest of the finger food) 3 tablespoons cream cheese (you can replace it with more fat cottage cheese or herb cream cheese) 2 tablespoons thinly […]

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