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Healthy smoothies

Low fat, sweet and spicy drinks, which are really tasty and refreshing. Healthy smoothies are a quick way to boost yourself with veggies and vitamins. Ingredients 1 stick of celery 1 carrot 1/2 ripe of avocado 1/4 cucumber chunk of ginger, chopped 118 ml apple juice Few ice cubes Instructions First blend all vegetables, then add apple […]

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booster smoothie recipe everydaytalks.com health fitness

Booster smoothies

Get a kick when you need it the most. This two booster smoothies are super energising boosts with vitamins. Ingredients 1 banana 5 strawberries handful of raspberries 4 pineapple slices 118 ml orange juice Few ice cubes Instructions Throw everything in a blender and mix until smooth. Great smoothie for breakfast, when you have a long […]

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How to make a smoothie?

Smoothie is actually a fast meal in a glass. A meal full of vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and even more. It is delicious and nutritious supplement for meal or snack. There is much more to smoothies than just ice and fruit. Here are some tips how to make a smoothie as you like. 1. Fruit […]

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diy oven cleaner baking soda salt paste everydaytalks.com

DIY Oven cleaner

I decided to clean my oven today. There were a few very oily stains, so I decided to use oven cleaner which I bought in supermarket. After a few minutes of scratching, the stains didn’t go off. I remembered I once saw the recipe for Eco friendly DIY oven cleaner, so I decided to give […]

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Black nail polish nails minimalistic design

Black nail polish variations

Black nail polish is truly a classic, often perceived as sophisticated but also quite simple and plain. But black nails don’t always have to be something you’ve seen before a thousand times. Matte black nail polish is a way that still makes your nails look sultry and classy, but with a twist that spices up […]

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halloween pumpkin carving art amazing ideas


The popular holiday Halloween is partially attractive and interesting to children who dressed in scary customs,knocking on neighbour doors and asking for sweets – trick or treat. On windows and yards of houses we can see scary pumpkins, which became a real art through the years. Halloween has the root in Europe although many people […]

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3d chalk art street optical illusin paints pictures amazing

3D street art

3D Street art is also known as 3D chalk art is two dimensional art work drawn on the stern and gives you 3D optical illusion from certain perspective. This 3D street art is really amazing, breathtaking and very realistic. Streets painting in three dimensional versions are very popular form of arts. People are casual involved […]

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natural colors for easter eggs

DIY natural colors for Easter eggs

Make a difference this year and color your Easter eggs with natural colors that you can get from completely natural ingredients. See here how to make different natural colors for Easter eggs.  Instructions for making natural colors for Easter eggs Before you begin the coloring of eggs with natural colors, hard boil them first and […]

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diy decorating walls gold

DIY decorating walls

The colors on the walls are no longer a taboo, in recent years are fashionable unique decorative art processing interior wall surfaces. Here are some useful tips for DIY decorating walls. Decorative arts and colors bring in the space the vibrancy and dynamism, in addition to the different models and techniques of applying, the color […]

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diy childrens room pink flowers girls

DIY Children’s room

Designing and planning to make a project DIY children’s room require a lot of imagination and creativity. In addition to all the necessary furniture, should be given significant attention to choice of colors, so the room will be fun and keen to play in, a stimulating learning environment and soothing room for rest. DIY Children’s […]

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