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Detox your body

Holidays are over and many of you are in need to detox your body. Here is some examples, how can you do it. In December holidays we often eat a lot of sweet, spicy and oily food. Those days are over and it is time to clean your body of unnecessary “clutter” that has accumulated […]

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Sauerkraut detox

Sauerkraut contains the ideal combination of biomaterials, which has positive effect on the digestive process, destroying fungi and help detoxify the body. Read here more about sauerkraut detox. Sauerkraut juice is the liquid that occurs in the process of acidification and fermentation of cabbage and it is a wealth of vitamins, minerals and lactic acid […]

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apple vinegar detox drink clean body

Apple vinegar detox drink

Apple vinegar contains natural acids which dissolve fats and also destroy harmful bacteria in the gut. Here is an recipe for apple vinegar detox drink. Apple vinegar also encourages metabolism, restores the intestinal mucosa and contributes to faster and better elimination of toxins and undigested food from the gut. For great detox drink for cleaning your […]

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losing weight fruit

Losing weight – Small Changes, Big Results

Instead of chips, eat nuts, instead of sour cream, use sour milk, instead of coffee with milk, treat yourself with only black coffee. If you suffer from being overweight, you are probably already familiar with hundreds of different losing weight diets, that promise miracles. And even if they are successful, when you let them go, […]

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omega 3 fatty acids importance food diet

Why are omega 3 fatty acids so important?

For our health we urgently need the fats – but only some, and in the right format. Among essential nutrients that are necessary for the functioning of the organism and health protection, belongs unsaturated fatty acids: omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Since the body does not form them itself, it is necessary to […]

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high blood pressure healthy food diet

Food for high blood pressure

Here are five food groups, which play a key role in lowering high blood pressure. Many people have problems with high blood pressure. It is important that we keep medical advice, a healthy lifestyle and yourself can contribute to the improvement of the problem. It is important to regularly exercise, to maintain a healthy weight […]

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