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Detox with tea

For detox with tea is excellent choice green, ginger or nettle tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and bitter substances, that encourage digestion and metabolism. It contain a lot of manganese, which is important for connective tissue, body detox and encourages immune system. According to the researches, it is enough to drink 2 or […]

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Detox drink

Detox drink is made from beetroot, carrots, grapefruit, apples and fresh ginger. Beetroot stimulates liver and kidney function and purifies blood. Carrots purifies and heals the body. Grapefruit contains substances that activate detoxifying enzymes in the liver and kidneys. Apple promotes digestion and prevent constipation. Ginger stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the immune response […]

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Detox drink that melts fat

Do you want to clean the body of toxins and get rid of fats? Then you should try this detox drink that melts fat! Once in a while your body needs a break and detoxing, that you can wash out of it all the toxins and fat that has accumulated. That is the time for […]

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