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spices that melt cellulite turmeric


Turmeric is a spice or seasoning powder yellow color, derived from the roots of ginger related plant Curcuma longa. The spice is widely used in the Far East, where her home is. It arrived in Europe through Arab traders. In the Middle Ages it was called Indian saffron. The name “yellow spice” indicates one of […]

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Quinoa recipe quinoa with vegetables carrots

Quinoa recipe: Quinoa with vegetables

Many experts have described quinoa as super food because it contains more protein than any other grain, has fewer carbohydrates than other cereals and boasts a nearly ideal balance of eight essential amino acids. It does not contain gluten and is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. It works exceptionally tonic and is suitable for […]

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Potato skins

5 recipes for New Year’s Eve finger foods

#1 New Year’s eve Finger foods: Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes Ingredients: 8-10 cherry tomatoes (depending on number of people and whether this will be the only snack or a complement to the rest of the finger food) 3 tablespoons cream cheese (you can replace it with more fat cottage cheese or herb cream cheese) 2 tablespoons thinly […]

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Sweet bread

Sweet bread for holiday morning

What to put on festive table? Bouquet of still green twigs, which you pick on a walk, a bowl of nuts, something that warms the throat (tea, hot chocolate, grog)? And something sweet, it can also be bread. Sweet bread is in fact, a true classic during the winter holidays. You can bake in stock, […]

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Flavored olive oil (SXC)

Prepare homemade flavored olive oil

We present some ideas on how you can prepare your own delicious flavored oils to suit your taste. Hint: this is a very good idea for a gift! You will be surprised how easy it can be, to prepare a homemade flavored olive oil which is great with salads, bruschettes, pasta and other dishes. Basis […]

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Brussels Sprouts (SXC)

Brussels sprouts with mustard sauce

If you thought that of Brussels sprouts can not create memorable and tasty dishes, you were wrong! Here is the healthy and easy recipe for brussels sprouts with mustard sauce. Ingredients: 900 g brussels sprouts 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons olive oil 0.5 teaspoon salt 0.25 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 2 medium shallots 2 tablespoons […]

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Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse is the easiest and one of the most satisfying desserts on the earth. Do you agree? Very rich in flavor, light as air, and it is a perfect way to end a meal. Ingredients: 75 g dark chocolate 1 dl of cream 30 g of sugar 1 egg 1 tablespoon cocoa powder 2 cl […]

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Pizza dough (photo: SXC)

Pizza dough recipe

If you never made pizza at home only because you do not know how to do the pizza dough, this is no longer an excuse. The basic recipe is quite simple. Here is the best pizza dough recipe for you. Ingredients: 500 g all purpose flour 2 teaspoons of instant yeast 1/4 liter of lukewarm […]

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Stuffed peppers with quinoa

Quinoa recipes

Quinoa tastes like nuts and we can cook it faster than rice and it is simple to cook it, like pasta. It can be used to prepare salads, risotto, soups, and even desserts. In supermarkets Quinoa is usually on the shelves of health food, you can also buy it in specialized health food stores. If you want […]

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