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Booster smoothies

Get a kick when you need it the most. This two booster smoothies are super energising boosts with vitamins. Ingredients 1 banana 5 strawberries handful of raspberries 4 pineapple slices 118 ml orange juice Few ice cubes Instructions Throw everything in a blender and mix until smooth. Great smoothie for breakfast, when you have a long […]

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Protein smoothie

This protein smoothie is loaded with seeds and nuts so it is a real protein power booster. It will help to keep your body strong and help it to recover after long and intense trainings. Ingredients 10 cherries 1 banana 2 talespoon plain yogurt 5 wallnuts 118 ml orange juice seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, …) Few […]

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How to make a smoothie?

Smoothie is actually a fast meal in a glass. A meal full of vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and even more. It is delicious and nutritious supplement for meal or snack. There is much more to smoothies than just ice and fruit. Here are some tips how to make a smoothie as you like. 1. Fruit […]

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The most healthy fish

Although we often hear that the most healthy fish is salmon, a known nutritionist highlights another type of fish as the most healthy one. Check here about which fish is he talking about. Tuna fish is one of the most healthy foods, because it contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids, which lower cholesterol, […]

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apple waffles recipe cooking

Apple waffles

Treat yourself with apple waffles. It is a great dessert or refreshing breakfast. Ingredients: – 250 g butter – 75 g sugar – grated lemon peel – 4 eggs – 250 g flour – 1 teaspoon of baking powder – 1/8 l of lukewarm milk – 300 g peeled and finely chopped apples – 50 […]

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black tomatoes

Black tomatoes will be hit of the summer

At first glance, this looks like science fiction, but the black tomatoes really exists and they are even really healthy. It is a new type of tomatoes that will first start to sell in the Great Britain. This new sort of tomato was discovered by professors from Great Britain, who have found that some variation […]

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how to properly store vegetables

How to properly store vegetables?

It rarely happens, that in the market we buy vegetables and fruits only for one or two days. In most cases, we purchase the stock, which is then eaten in several days, maybe in a week. For this reason, it is necessary to consider how to properly store vegetables and save its freshness. Some fruits […]

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spring food strawberries

Top 5 spring food

Take a look at which foods are the biggest spring vitamin bombs. Here are top 5 spring food that will make you feel better and it’s just have to be on your menu. In sunny spring months the vitamin D definitely will not be doing any difficulties, as you will get it enough in the sun. […]

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curry chicken recipe


Curry is one of those dishes that at first glance does not look like the most delicious, but a mixture of spices and chili sharpness enchant you in the moment! Curry is a word, that takes up a lot more than just a single dish, because it is a specialty that everyone can prepare it […]

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shirley temple cocktail

Shirley Temple Cocktail

In loving memory of a legend we present you the famous cocktail, Shirley Temple. The actress has left, her films and her famous cocktail remains. She left. Another Hollywood legend. At 86 years died Shirley Temple, actress who was loved by the film industry from an early age and hers naughty curls. The news of the […]

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