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Feng Shui living room

Living room is the place, where we share image of who we are with the world. In Feng shui living room talks about your personality, about who you are, what you do and what you find important in your life. Here you can express individuality about choice of decorating, accessories, furniture and all your treasures, […]

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DIY decorating walls

The colors on the walls are no longer a taboo, in recent years are fashionable unique decorative art processing interior wall surfaces. Here are some useful tips for DIY decorating walls. Decorative arts and colors bring in the space the vibrancy and dynamism, in addition to the different models and techniques of applying, the color […]

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Room colors for your home

Warm room colors stimulate activity and are the most recommended for northern areas in your home, usually used for socializing, while cool tones are used in rooms, where you rest and calm, such as a bedroom. Find out how to choose the correct room colors for your home. Colors have proven a significant effect on […]

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