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spring colors of nail polish

Top spring colors of nail polish

Finally, the sun came out and already there is spring and summer is coming. See what spring colors of nail polish are fashionable for spring and summer 2014. Spring will bring color to the clothes, accessories and makeup. Dark red, black and beige nail polishes will replace those in vivid hues. Top spring colors for […]

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habits that damage hair washing

Habits that damage hair

Every woman dreams of a shiny and healthy hair. Despite the fact, that with the various preparations we are trying to care for hair, at the same time we destroy them. Here are some everyday habits that damage hair. #1: Daily hair washing Experts say, that the hair are beautiful when natural oils from the […]

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unnecessary skin care products

9 Unnecessary skin care products

Do you also quickly fell for a mountain of product for skin care? Check out which of them are really unnecessary skin care products. #1: Separate cream for the face, neck and décolletage The cream that you use for the face, also works effectively on the neck and décolletage. So if you have a good face […]

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nutrition advice for nice figure

4 nutrition advice for nice figure

Nutrition plays a major role in weight loss and weight maintenance, and the following nutrition advice are very important for successful weight loss and well-being. Nutrition advice #1: Several small meals per day Prepare yourself 4-5 small meals per day. In this way you will avoid any sudden attack of hunger and speed up your […]

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spices that melt cellulite chilli

4 spices that melt cellulite

Speed ​​up your metabolism with these spices and your cellulite will start to melt. Spices that melt cellulite: Black pepper Black pepper stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation, which is very important in anti-cellulite care. Black pepper is also a great antioxidant and helps to prevent the loss of the enzyme glutathione in the body. […]

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fashion combinations winter 2013 trendy style outfit

Trendy and fashion combinations of this winter

Fashion critics have revealed how to be brilliant and stunning this winter. To find out what are the winning fashion combinations for this years winter, read on! For an evening out in town, put on thick black tights, which you can combine with natural-looking pieces of clothing. Below you can dress normal printed t-shirt, tunic […]

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fashion quote audrey hepburn happy girls are the prettiest

Latest tricks on fashion

There are five essential tricks every girl must know about fashion. These tips and tricks will get you through any fashion slump and make any outfit look amazing. #1 Mix patterns Don’t be afraid to get wild by mixing different graphics and patterns together. How to do this is stick to one or two hues […]

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Healthy Food (SXC)

Which food cause acne

More and more middle-aged women and men suffer from acne-prone skin. Check out with which food you aggravating the skin. Acne, pimples, impure skin … memories of puberty? It is wrong to think, that acne occurs only in secondary school. The fact is that more and more middle-aged women and men suffer from acne-prone skin. Which food […]

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Chocolate Face Mask (sxc)

Chocolate Face Mask

Chocolate is good for our body as well as for our skin, because it is a powerful antioxidant that helps eliminate the effects of aging and tightening of the skin. It acts as a kind of natural botox. More about benefits of dark chocolate you can read here. However, we will not make unnecessary calories […]

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Mix sugar and your regular skin cleanser (photo: SXC)

DIY: Sugar peeling

Peeling with sugar is very effective, it makes the skin smooth, supple and shiny. The recipe for sugar peeling is quite simple and you can do it yourself. Why is sugar peeling so useful? Sugar peeling is very effective because of the natural coarse particles and it is friendly to the skin. In addition, the […]

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