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most popular ads on youtube in 2014 lifestyle everydaytalks.com

Most popular ads on YouTube in 2014

Video service YouTube daily record an incredible number of visits. And that your ad has an enormous number of hits on YouTube are the most wet dreams of every advertiser. See here who really experienced the wetness this year. We present you the most popular ads on YouTube in 2014. Most of this ads will never […]

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haircut fall hairstyles 2014 autumn fashion hair

Fall hairstyles for 2014

The definition of each ideal hairstyle certainly includes the fact that the form must be simple to hairstyle it at home. See the most popular fall hairstyles for 2014. In everyday rush and lack of sleep nobody really has time to wash, dry and style hair every day for every occasion.Practical hairstyle comes with different […]

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louboutin christian high heels 130mm pumps allenissima floral black hot chick

Christian Louboutin for brave

The latest collection of Christian Louboutin has reaffirmed the experience of all Louboutin owners. The popular shoes are not the most comfortable, but they are definitely the sexiest. Within the fall / winter collection, the designer presented a mini line of models with 130 millimetre heels. And when even Christian Louboutin website admits that the […]

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teen choice awards 2014 kendall jenner dress

Teen Choice Awards 2014

At the Teen Choice Awards 2014 ceremony dominated and innocent white color. While carpets at the gala are usually red and attendees by most wear black dresses, was the last Teen Choice Awards 2014 ceremony everything different. Blue carpet and white dresses were the red thread of the whole evening. Among everyone there was also […]

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summer shoes 2014 jimmy choo sandals fashion

Must have summer shoes 2014

Are you wondering which are the must have summer shoes for this years summer? Which is the “it” model? Read on… Some of you have first sunny days already availed to wear sandals, most of you still beats daily struggle with changing weather and daily temperature checks, before leaving the house in the desire that […]

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cannes hotels celebrities stay french cote d azure france

Cannes hotels: Celebrities lodgings

On Wednesday started 67 International Film Festival in Cannes and on the French Cote d’Azur has been walking the biggest names from the world of film. Check out which are the exclusive Cannes hotels, that most celebrities love and eager to stay in. Hotel Martinez, Cannes Hotel is right on the prestigious promenade of the Boulevard […]

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styling white t shirt denim jacket

Styling white t shirt

The classic white shirt is an essential piece in every woman’s closet. How to style a plain white T-shirt? See here some ideas for styling white t shirt. The classic white t shirt probably does not need to be especially presented and described. It is a mandatory for each piece of urban cupboards, an indispensable […]

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Top 5 cities to live in

The latest survey on quality of life is revealed in what city in the world at the moment residents enjoy the highest quality of living conditions and in which city are doing the worst. Here are top 5 cities to live in! Mercer International Agency published the results of its latest survey on quality of […]

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polka dots cameron diaz

Polka dots: fashion hit

Dots, dots, dots,… Celebs love this retro pattern of polka dots! The dots are for a long time synonymous with femininity and cute appearance, so we are not surprised by the fact that in recent weeks, many famous faces opting for this beautiful pattern. In recent weeks, were opted for this pattern, which is easy […]

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carnival of venice

Carnival of Venice 2014

In Venice, Italy was officially launched traditional Carnival of Venice 2014. The organizers expect the colorful spectacle of music, street art and culture in the next two weeks visited by hundreds of thousands of people. Many visitors are attracted to especially magnificent masks and colorful costumes, which are a fixture of the Carnival of Venice. […]

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