8 of the stupidest reasons for flight delays

It’s amazing how stupid and ridiculous reasons can cause a delay of flight. Take a look at some of the most incredible and stupidest reasons for flight delays.

Take a look at some of the most bizarre and stupid reasons that caused flight delays:

Bill Clinton: The haircut

In 1993, at the Los Angeles airport had to close two of the four lanes for one hour because U.S. President at the time, Bill Clinton, at the last minute before take-off decided to call his hairdresser on the board to fix his hairstyle, before going to Washington. And of course, it was necessary to wait. While the Air Force I was waiting on the lane with the engines running, a number of other aircrafts could not take off or land. We guess it was the most expensive haircut in history.

reasons for flight delays

Bill Clinton waited for hairdresser on a runway

Ants attack

When the flight attendants on the plane head to Mexico City, switched on the air conditioning, there was the wave of flying ants, which have apparently found their hideout in ventilation. When the air blowing from the vents, there were thousands of ants flying through the cabin of the plane.

reasons for flight delays

There were ants in the air conditioning

The pilot was too old

In 2012, in one of the lanes of London’s Heathrow Airport passengers on a plane destined in Warsaw waited to take off for 5 hours. The reason? In a routine inspection, the inspectors found that both pilots on the plane are too old. According to the rules, would be on international flights, at least one of the pilots under the age of 60 years.

reasons for flight delays

The pilot was too old!

Cockroaches ambush

In 2010, at the Miami airport, on one of the planes that was preparing to take off, discovered the mountain of cockroaches, who settled down on the curtain that separates first class from the cockpit. Passengers were good for two hours of waiting, for the staff to get rid of undesirable visitors on the plane and hoping that they were no cockroaches in their bags.

reasons for flight delays

Cockroaches on board!

Cat, the pilot

In 2012, in an airplane operated by Air Canada, which was intended from Halifax to Toronto there was a lost cat, named Ripples. Cat has escaped from its tightly closed cage, and after a long search they found him in the cockpit during critical navigation instruments. Search and rescue of the cat from the apparatus lasted 4 hours, during which the passengers had to leave the plane and wait for takeoff.

reasons for flight delays

Cat wanted to fly the plane

An argument between airline stewardesses

In 2012, a plane destined for Chicago turned around and  headed back to the airport of departure to Raleigh-Durham. From the aircraft was reported that there was an argument on board, but in the end it turned out that there were two stewardesses who argued. Both of then had to leave the plane, the plane was a few hours late taking off again to Chicago.

reasons for flight delays

Stewardesses fight on a plane

Suspicious prayer device

17 years old Jewish boy on a flight from New York to Louisville unintentionally triggered a real panic. The boy was carrying Tefillin – Jewish prayer belt, which consists of boxes with sacred texts related to leather belt,  that Jews wears during prayers. They put it on the arms and head. The staff on the plane  thought that boy carries an explosives, so the plane emergency landed in Philadelphia, where cops with dogs and FBI arrived on board, searched the boy and aircraft. Other passengers had to leave the plane and wait for the next flight.

reasons for flight delays

Suspicious prayer device

Invasion of the giant lizards in Puerto Rico

In 2008, the island was occupied by strange almost 2 meters large lizards, which were pitched at all corners. Among other things, they walked down the runway of the airport in San Juan and caused a great deal of trouble and delays of airplanes.

reasons for flight delays

Invasion of lizards

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