5 solutions for bad breath

Bad Breath (photo: SXC)

Five effective solutions against bad breathe (photo: SXC)

Bad breath  is a destroyer of romance and an indicator of health problems.We sought out the five most effective actions against bad breath.

Bad breath can spoil even such a beautiful evening. Either we have to tolerate another bad breath, or we are unrelaxed, because we know that from our mouths diversify unpleasant smells. Many are faced with this problem, but only few are aware that mouthwash and quick brushing can not solve this problem. So we have dug up the 5 solutions for bad breath!

1. Eat a piece of bread

Are you on a diet without carbohydrates? Bad breath is often a reflection of an unbalanced diet, so called  ‘ketonic’ bad breath is the result of diet that does not include carbohydrates. The next time you order a steak with no attachments, think of the breath.

2. Brush your tongue

Bad breath is usually caused by not enough thorough oral hygiene and poor oral health. Bacteria which decompose the food remains in the mouth and tooth enamel are the ones that cause the bad breath. Therefore, it is necessary to brushing your teeth, as well as flossing – do not forget the tongue! At each brushing your teeth, gently clean the tongue with a toothbrush, the edge of spoon or the tongue scraper.

Tongue is like a sponge. It has countless microscopic pores, where accumulates food, so the cleaning of the teeth without cleaning tongue completely ineffective.

Mouthwash is otherwise practical for refreshment, but this is more cosmetic measure – does not remove the causes of bad breath – don’t let the ads fool you.

3. Chewing gum

Saliva is the most effective weapon against bad breath, because all the time washes the teeth, tongue, and whole mouth and thus removes food residues and bacteria that would otherwise have stayed in the mouth. In addition, saliva also contains antiseptic substances, and enzymes, that destroy unwanted bacteria.

So, more than the saliva, the less bacteria in our mouths. Chewing gum (sugar-free, of course), stimulates the release of saliva and also removes a fraction of the coverings from the teeth. Chewing gum sweetened with xylitol are the most effective. Those with a taste of cinnamon are the most successful in the fight against bacteria.

4. Drink water!

If you are dehydrated, you have bad breath, so do not forget to drink water, even when you are at work. Tap water is an excellent choice. Make sure that you drink water from a habit, because we often don’t notice notice that we are thirsty. Adequate supply the body with water has a number of positive effects on the body – reducing bad breath is one of them.

5. Exclude all possible causes of bad breath

Caries and gum diseases are common cause of bad breath. Visit the dentist, if you feel that bad breath isn’t the result of spaghetti you ate for dinner, but your constant companion. The dentist will discover all the caries in your teeth and eventual gum disease and eliminate them. Some diseases of the kidneys and liver can cause bad breath, so see your doctor if the dentist is not able to find the causes of bad breath.

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