Skinny jeans: 4 models for each figure

Skinny jeans fits any place. Yes, you read it right. It is wrong to believe, that currently the most popular jeans model, that you can find in all stores, can afford only very skinny girls. The secret to skinny cut jeans lies in its color, extremely elastic material and pieces of clothing that you wear next.


skinny jeans combinations

Skinny jeans combinations

All you need to do, before you go on a hunt for your skinny jeans, is to find out which model of skinny jeans is most suitable according to your body shape.

Skinny jeans for full figure

Choose jeans with a slightly higher waist. The color should be darker. It is also recommended that you choose a model that has a bit more washed jeans in the thighs and slightly darker shade around the waist. Above it wear a tunic and you are ready to go in the city.

skinny jeans full figure girls elegant

Skinny jeans for full figure

Skinny jeans for athletic figure

Women, who can boast with a chiseled body, can easily play tricks with shades, colors and patterns that will be hit again in the spring. Skinny jeans with a nice pattern should align with the top. Ideal choice are definitely leather jacket and trendy ankle boots.

skinny jeans athlete figure pattern ankle boots high heels

Play with shades, colors and patterns

Skinny jeans for pear figure

This body shape is characterized by accentuated hips. Choose one color skinny jeans pants – even better is if you decide to dark blue shade and combine them together with a shirt or a simple T-shirt. Put on shoes with skin color, that will optically lengthen your legs and at the same time make it more elegant.

skinny jeans pear figure

Choose dark color and wear it with shoes skin color

Skinny jeans for hourglass figure

Women with curves should choose a convenient model that has a little more elastin and not too tight in the waist. Avoid bright shades and prefer focus on a slightly more ‘washed’ jeans in the thighs. Season combination with top and jacket in vivid colors and always wear soft boots or high heels with it.

skinny jeans hourglass figure

Season combination with top and jacket in vivid colors

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