Sea sickness

A lot of people think that you can get seasickness from the moment you step on the boat, but this is not so. Also, this is not a virus, which you can catch on the ship. Motion sickness is nausea due to rocking of the ship. It is a reaction of the body, to which tear down the internal balance, thus when we are on a ship that is constantly swaying during the voyage.

Sea sickness

If you get sick, move to fresh air, point your look forward and take deep breaths.

For seasick do not need special medicines. In most cases disappears after a few hours or a few days – when the body adapts to the constant rocking (some take less, others more time). In the development of marine diseases play an important role psychological factors, especially if the disease develops sea before boarding and traveling by boat. Shortly afterwards the first passenger gets seasick, it is quickly followed by others.

The symptoms of sea sickness

The first sign is facial pallor, preceded by occasional flushing. Followed by yawning, sweating and restlessness. Characterized by the general discomfort and nausea, which may be enhanced by vomiting.

How to alleviate nausea?

When / if you get sick, move to fresh air, point your look forward and take deep breaths. Do not think about nausea and divert attention to the sailing. Make sure that you warm enough, eat dry food, and don’t irritate your stomach with heavy foods. It is also important that you travel relaxed and rested and avoid to heavy meals and alcohol.


It is important that you travel relaxed and that you avoid alcohol.

Useful tips how to avoid sea sickness

  • Book a cabin somewhere in the middle of the ship, so that you can at least feel the waves.
  • Drink plenty of water and be on the fresh air a much as possible – do not sleep during a day, so the body will quickly become accustomed to the movement.
  • Avoid lying down (horizontal position of the body), because in that position body even more feel the waves and the movement of the ship.
  • Eat food that you know. Do not test new, exotic dishes – at least not until your body is struggling with nausea.

Bon voyage! 🙂

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