San Francisco villa with the view

Exceptional and outstanding modern San Francisco villa, with even more beautiful view. Renovation started in 2005, see how it looks today.

san francisco villa home decor

San Francisco villa was renovated by Swatt | Miers Architects

Villa overlooking the San Francisco bay was renovated by a firm called Swatt | Miers Architects. The owners lived in Tiburonu in California, but many years dreamed of renovating a two-story house, which is located over the Gulf and offers an exceptional view on San Francisco Bay.

Their dream started to materialize in 2005, with a gradual renovation. The house stands on a plot, a large half a hectare, is directed primarily to the south. House begins with a low compressed entrance, which spreads rapidly and takes the visitor  in the central space lit by the daylight.

Living room, dining room and kitchen are in the pavilion, where the owners continually enjoy an exceptional view. Invisible glazing and dramatic conclusions cantilever roof seamlessly connect interior space to the outside and blurring the boundary between them.

san francisco villa home modern design

Living room, dining room and kitchen are in the pavilion.

san francisco villa home design decor modern

The villa is overlooking on San Francisco Bay.

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