Room colors for your home

Yellow living roomWarm room colors stimulate activity and are the most recommended for northern areas in your home, usually used for socializing, while cool tones are used in rooms, where you rest and calm, such as a bedroom. Find out how to choose the correct room colors for your home.

Colors have proven a significant effect on how you feel in a particular area, so be careful when choosing different shades. Remember, it is necessary to adjust walls with color of furniture not the other way around. Many people during the time of furnishing a completely new housing first decide on the colorful walls and then go look for a suitable furniture. Experts says that this is completely wrong. The impact of color on people is very important, so you have to give it a lot of thought before you decide what color to choose in a certain area.

Every color is not suitable for every room!

For a bedroom it is advisable to choose cool colors, such as green and light blue, because it calms you down and help you to wake up more refreshed.

Cold colors such as gray, are not the best choice for spaces to socialize, such as the living room, a kitchen or dining room. In these areas, it is best to use warm shades, so the room is filled with warmth and a sense of security.

Red increases appetite

The red color as the one which experts can not recommend the child’s room. Although it brings extra energy in the room, the children under its influence are more irritable and restless. Red is good with the dining area, as it stimulates the appetite and makes sure that will go prepared meals very much to the delight.

Orange makes a pleasant place

Orange and yellow are a great choice for living rooms and kitchens. These are the colors of friendship and they stimulate communication and socializing. Moreover, these colors make space warmer and pleasant place to live.

Whatever color you choose, be aware that room color can influence your mood and your thoughts.

Meaning of colors

Green: nature and energy, calming and restful, balance (halfway between red and blue) security, stability

Blue: sunshine and energy, stimulates the intellect

Pink: love

Yellow: sunshine and energy, stimulates the intellect

Orange: stability, reassurance, warmth, and is thought to aid digestion

Red: danger, passion, energy, warmth, adventure, optimism

Purple: creativity, fertility, joy, but also magic, evil, death and sex

Brown: security, stability and very practical



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