Right swimwear for small breasts

If you have small breasts, you can afford a lot of imagination, but not strapless swimsuit. So, the summer is almost here, how to choose swimwear for small breasts?

If you have small breasts, do not try to conceal, but emphasize the upper part! Your best friends are, of course, padded bras, which you can find in every store. But let your imagination does not stop here! Select as much as possible padded bra, preferably with a ruffles, wrinkles, beads …

swimwear for small breasts summer 2014 swimsuits

Right swimwear for small breasts: choose padded bra, with a ruffles, wrinkles, beads

Choose a swimsuit with a large light patterns on the upper part

Choose happy and colorful patterns. If you buy a one-piece swimsuit, be sure to have formed the basket, preferably lined, and the large pattern. Swimwear for small breasts have to be brighter above, the pattern on the upper part should be larger than the pattern at the bottom of the swimsuit.

What swimsuits are best avoid if you have small breasts?

If you have small breasts, avoid strapless swimsuits, because the upper part of your body will look dull, in addition to that, strapless swimwear tend to suppress and disfigurement shape of the breasts. Strictly avoid swimsuits without padded cups, as they suppress the already small breasts.

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