Ways to reuse tissue boxes

Here comes the new season of sneezing and nasal congestion. Others have, due to allergies, stocks of tissues throughout the year. So every time you spend all tissues, all there is left is empty tissue box and still clogged nose 🙂 Is there something useful you can do with this box? Sure, here are some ways to reuse tissue boxes.

Ways to reuse tissue boxes

There are a lot of ways to reuse tissue boxes

Make a gift box

Why buy expensive gift boxes, if you already have it at home? Tissue boxes are beautifully decorated and with little magazine or cotton ball you can have a pretty gift box even for breakable gifts. The top opening cover up with a ribbon or add some cotton, which may be peeking out of the hole.

Storage for postcards and cards

We optionally increase the hole of the box (preferably with scissors) and store into the it all the postcards, gift cards, credit cards and all the other cards that we get from day to day. Since the box is decorated, you can have it on the shelves of your room.

Bookmark for books

Carton is the right hardness , so if you cut columns from it, they can serve as bookmarks for books. The real fans of the books never have enough bookmarks.

Storage for bags

The box is the right size and the hole is very practical, so we can use it for bag storage, as well as the storage for doggy bags. Keeping a box somewhere at the exit of the house or apartment, is very useful and the bags are always there.

Bin for used tissues

Meanwhile, one of the box is empty, the second one is full with used tissues. When it is full, you simply empty it (recycle, used tissues go into the organic waste) and use it again. If it is no longer needed, recycle the box too. Place it in a container for paper.

Waste bin in a car

One of the way to reuse tissue boxes is to make a waste bin for the car. In car we have usually full door compartment accumulated with waste as packets of chocolate, chewing gum and fruit residues. Just add a tissue box into the compartment and store all the waste into it. Or you can have a box somewhere else in the car, an use a door compartment for more useful stuff.

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