Red makeup

Red is the color who will give you the wings this spring and spice up your look. It is a very strong color, which will help you overcome discouragement and negative thoughts. Red makeup is the ultimate choice for this spring!

red make up marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe was conquering with her sensual red lips.

Use red makeup, apply it on your nails, the hair … But do not forget that red symbolizes anger. If it is on your body or in the surrounding area too, you irritable and impatient. Take the red, but with style and moderate.

Red lipstick

Pioneer of the use of lipstick was the end of the 19th century American actress Sarah Bernhardt. She was the first who dared to wear red lipstick in public. Shortly after, they began imitate her many other attractive women, including Marilyn Monroe, who in the fifties of the last century, conquering with her sensual red lips. Today, the red makeup is still fashionable and there is not the cosmetic company, who would not offer at least a few shades of this famous makeup. However, it is still true that red lipstick should be worn with caution. Here are a few tips:

  • If you apply red lipstick on the lips,  be modest with eye makeup. Do not use eyeliners, but only mascara.
  • Before applying lipstick, use lip liner. First, border them around, and then slightly color them on the whole. Such basis will ensure that the lipstick longer lasting and will not smear.
  • What shade of red to choose? Colder or warmer? If you have a rosy complexion, choose a plum color, if your skin tone is more yellowish, apply warm red color lipstick.
  • With red lipstick comes more transparent, beige or light gray shades of nail polish. If you prefer red, choose the same shade as lipstick.
red makeup red lips nails

With red lipstick comes more transparent, beige or light gray shades of nail polish. If you prefer red, choose the same shade as lipstick.

Red nails

What about the red on the nails? Palette extends from the lighter, almost pink tones (select them if would like to emphasize the joy, peace of mind) to darker, seemingly brownish shades (these are better suited to create the mysterious appearance). Blood-red shade is a perfect for very bright or very dark skin tone.

Tips for application of red nail polish:

  • Red nail polish comes the most beautiful to expression in the short or medium-length nails.
  • Before applying red nail polish, thoroughly remove all remnants of the old paint.
  • Apply base coat first, because otherwise intense red color can leave yellowish stains on the nail.
  • Those a little more daring and proficient you can also make red French manicure. The process is this: When the base coat is dry, you paint with red paint the detail only the tip of the nail. Then paint the whole nail varnish transparent skin color. Allow the nails to dry thoroughly. At the very end, use the clear coat for shine and protection.
red makeup french manicure

Red French manicure

Well, if you think that somewhere in your cosmetic bag or briefcase should most likely be the red lipstick and under the bathroom mirror most probably is standing red nail polish, we have to warn you, that also beauty products have durability. A few years old lipstick is anything but good and prefer to throw it away because it is full of bacteria and toxins. And old nail polish has probably already been cast, it will be difficult to really nicely applied on nails.

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