What pimples tell us?

Pimples and skin impurities not occur without a reason. The areas in which skin lesions occurs, revels what is happening in our body.

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Divide your face to the sections and see what is the main reason to get pimples

Section 1: Pimples on the chin, neck and jaw

Blame it on hormones. If pimples occur in these areas, you will probably get your period soon. When hormonal balance is demolished, the skin starts to produce more fat, which clog the pores and cause pimples.

One week before period try to clean your skin even more. If you have sever skin problems, talk to your gynecologist, who will prescribe you a hormone therapy.

Section 2: Pimples on hairline

You use too much products. Many times happens that pimples on this areas are caused by too frequent and excessive use of hair care products. These can clog the skin pores. When cleaning your skin make sure, that you clean the hairline area too.

what pimple tell us reasons to get pimples everydaytalks face mask

Use face mask to clean your skin.

Section 3: irregularities around the mouth

Blame it on the food you eat. Foods that contain a lot of acid, such as lemons and vinegar, can cause inflammation of the skin, but oily food can clog the pores. If you don’t want to give up this kind of food, after eating it thoroughly wipe your mouth and areas around it.

Section 4: Pimples on cheeks

Pimples on cheeks are usually caused bacterias which come to your face using a mobile phone or by hands. Skin problems in this area can be avoided by regular hand washing and it is also recommended to wipe your mobile phone once in a while with antibacterial wipe.

Section 5: Pimples on nose and forehead

It is stress. When you are stressed you body starts to secrete adrenalin which makes the skin produce more fat, which cause irregularities.

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