Natural antibiotics

Pharmaceutical antibiotics each year save millions of lives. These products, when used carefully, are very effective but many experts warn to their excessive use.

Because of the excessive use of antibiotics, the bacterias are becoming resistant and they are attacking even healthy population. If you have a minor bacterial infection, for example. mild sore throat, ear or sinus, consider trying to overcome it with the natural antibiotics. This will reduce the possibility of the development of resistant bacterias, but you will also receive a small number of side effects.

If the infection lasts longer and is more serious, then immediately consult a doctor. You may need to use some pharmaceuticals with natural antibiotics. Among the best alternative to synthetic products, natural antibiotics include the following:

Garlic (photo: SXC)

Garlic (photo: SXC)


Garlic is one of the natural antibiotics and it is good for bacterial infections and prevents the spread of pathogens. Some studies have shown, that a compound found in garlic – allicin – helps with ulcers, tooth and ear infections. Garlic can be used at the site of infection or ingested in the food. Garlic oil is more and more popular.

Ginseng (photo: wikipedia)

Ginseng (photo: wikipedia)


Herbalists are using ginseng as a plant, which improves the physical response to stress. People who use this herb have fewer problems with restless sleep and appetite, while in stressful situations do better than those who do not use ginseng. Ginseng improves the immune system and relieves symptoms, such as fever and different kinds of infections. Popular Asian herb is a good natural antibiotic and it can be an ideal alternative for a variety of mild infections.

Purple Coneflower (photo: SXC)

Purple Coneflower (photo: SXC)

Purple coneflower

It is one of the popular natural antibiotics, which improves the immune system response to viral and bacterial infections. Compounds that can be found in Purple Coneflower, stimulate the substances in the body, to fight against diseases, and reduce the degree of infection and soothe the pain caused by bacterial infection. Some healers recommend this plant for treatment of bacterial sinusitis and bronchitis, which are often more viral infections.

Oregano (photo: SXC)

Oregano (photo: SXC)


Oregano oil is stronger than 18 conventional antibiotics, that are used to treat the surface pathogenic microbes. It reduces reproduction of fungi and some other viruses, including infections caused by resistant bacterias. There is not many studies that would show its positive effect, but many people believe its effectiveness.

Natural herbs can be extremely effective as natural antibiotics, but they can also cause unexpected side effects, which may result from interaction with conventional medicines. If you are taking any other medicines, discuss with your doctor before eating any other natural alternatives.

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