Most odd buildings in the world

Take a look at some of the most odd buildings in the world. Some of them are really unusual and bizarre, you will definitely be amazed!

basket building

Basket building, Ohio USA

Here is a list of the most unusual, interesting, weird and wacky buildings in the world, selected by a vote of more than 4500 people. Take a look at some of the 33’s buildings, which were voted as the most odd buildings.

Krzywy Domek, Poland

Bent house called Krzywy Domek is part of a shopping center in the Polish city of Sopot.

most odd buildings poland domek

Flintstone House, California

Building name Flintstone House was built as a family residential house in Hillsborough in California.

most odd buildings flinstones house california

Casa Nautilus, Mexico

Casa Nautilus is a luxury family villa in Mexico.

most odd buildings casa nautilus mexico

Snail House, Sofia

This multi-apartment house in the Bulgarian capital Sofia is called Snail house, because of its shape.

most odd buildings snail house

Niteroi, Brazil

Museum of Contemporary Art, Niteroi – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

most odd buildings niteroi brazil

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