Modern dining room

Modern dining room is a social part of the open living space, is one article that integrates and simultaneously separates the kitchen and living room.

modern dining room round table white

Modern dining room is increasingly linked to the living room on one side and the kitchen on the other. If possible, all three functions take place in the same room, otherwise they relate to each other, both in functional terms such as appearance.

Not only the traditional functions, the family seat at the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there do many other things, children write school assignments, we sit and chat with friends when preparing food. What is the modern dining room, how to choose a table and chairs, what is put into the open what in a confined space?

The unified furniture

Styles of equipment are of course different and depend on individual taste, but is dominated by simple shapes, bright monochrome surfaces, natural wood or his recordings. Dining room flirts with old home style, in many places is at least one row of chairs (or sometimes, both) replaced by the bench. Kitchen and dining room, as well as a living room connects to the same or similar equipment, but you can follow each room its own laws.

The boundaries between them are, even when separated by walls, increasingly blurred. One of the popular ways of connecting the dining room and kitchen are luminaires, for example, hanging lamp above the dining table may be designed in the same way as a hood over the island. If you would like individual strands linked together in a small space, the architects opt for a unified furniture. The elements are at the time consistent in color, materials and processing, sometimes even choose the same model, which is only adapted to the dimensions of different parts of the apartment.

modern dining room round table white

One of the popular ways of connecting the dining room with other rooms are luminaires

Dining table – rectangular, round or oval?

How to choose a dining table, both in form and style? Each space dictates its own rules, rates and forms. Dining table can be the element that deviates in style in such a unified space. Kitchens are becoming more smooth, straight lines, without any visible handles, so almost no details. If we add the easy designed chair, all of it calls for at least one of a different piece of furniture. Dining room is a place for socializing, so it should invite to a meal and highlight home. Rustic table in a contrasting color or coarse solid wood, which can also be highlighting with irregularities in the material, moderates uniformity of space.

modern dining room round table

The most popular are still orthogonal dining tables.

Round dining table is suitable for more casual get togethers, you can  squeeze to able some guests over the provided by its size. The most popular are still orthogonal dining tables. On special occasions, we just move the table into the center of the room and supplemented it with additional chairs. In the catalogs of manufacturers we can traced the square tables, usually with at least a meter long sides. These go well with the large open spaces.

For place settings, we need about 60 centimeters width, so that a square meter table represents a very comfortable, but not too hospitable accommodation for only four people. For comfortable seating and getting up, we need at least 80 cm distance to the wall or other obstacle. If there is a transition behind, we need to provide at least 100 to 120 centimeters of space.

modern dining room round table

For each place settings, we need about 60 centimeters width.

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