Losing weight – Small Changes, Big Results

Instead of chips, eat nuts, instead of sour cream, use sour milk, instead of coffee with milk, treat yourself with only black coffee.

losing weight fruit

If you want long lasting results of your losing weight diet, all you have to do, is change some of your habits.

If you suffer from being overweight, you are probably already familiar with hundreds of different losing weight diets, that promise miracles. And even if they are successful, when you let them go, pounds quickly come back. So if you want long lasting results, all you have to do, is change some of your habits. You will be surprised how small changes brings big results.

Instead of corn flakes eat oatmeal

Although corn flakes are advertised by their manufacturers to be extremely healthy, corn and all other cereal flakes, for the first morning meal are just full of sugar. Sugar also means calories, so it is better to replace sugary meals with oatmeal. For better taste, add some berries.

Instead of a sandwich with eggs, eat omelet with vegetables

Vegetables are high in fiber and much longer maintaining a feeling of satiety, than the white hot buns. Two large eggs with the addition of spinach contain only 150 calories and many important body substances. So it is the perfect meal to start the day.

Instead purchased, eat homemade fruit yogurt

In the purchased fruit yoghurts is generally more sugar than fruit, so it is batter to make it your own. In plain yogurt mix in any fruit and you’ll see that you do not need that extra sugar. Read here how to make homemade yogurt.

Instead of coffee with milk drink black coffee

Coffee with milk, especially if you order it in the bar, has a lot more calories, than plain black coffee. Rather drink plain black coffee with no added sugar. This will provide your body with all healthy stuff from coffee and no calories.

losing weight omlette vegetables

Losing weight tip: Instead of a sandwich with eggs, eat omelet with vegetables

Instead of cream soups, eat clear soups

Bought cream soups mainly contain a lot of fat, sugar, additives and therefore calories. Cook a soup, that will keep you warm, let ot be clear, with the addition of a lot of healthy vegetables. Here are some soup recipes.

Instead of lettuce, eat fresh spinach

Both types of salad have low energy value, but the spinach has many of useful materials for the body: iron, magnesium, and vitamins A and C. Make a salad of fresh spinach, add it some low-fat meat and a slice of feta cheese and you get the perfect lunch. Here is an interesting recipe for spinach salad with strawberries.

Instead of fried potato, eat potato in salad

In the fried potato, there is a lot of fat and that significantly increase the calorific value. Since the potato itself is excellent food, just cook it and prepare it in a salad.

Instead of eating white bread rolls, eat whole grain bread rolls

Both contain about 150 calories, but whole wheat is much more healthy. Whole grains also contain many substances that get lost during processing, and white flour becomes almost worthless.

losing weight spinach

Losing weight tip: Instead of lettuce, eat fresh spinach

With stew from legumes do not eat bread, but vegetables

Legumes are healthy and are a welcome component of any diet. When you’re preparing a variety of dishes, do not enjoy them with the combination of bread, but it is better to eat peppers, carrots and tomatoes next to them.

Do not eat cheese with crackers, eat it with fruit

Of course, the cheese is best served with salty crackers, but for your body line, will be better, if you will eat them in combination with apples, grapes and pears.

Instead of snacks, eat nuts

You like to have snacks, but various chips, pretzels and salted peanuts contain a lot of fat and salt. Replace them with monocoque fruits, such as hazelnuts, walnuts, salted peanuts, almonds and so on. This healthy snack will help you with overall health and well-being.

Eat feta cheese instead of low-fat cheese

All nonfat cheeses should be avoided in the widest arc. They do contain countless additives and preservatives, while they are tasteless. Rather you decide for fresh feta or other goat cheese, even though it has more calories, it is healthier. Among other things, contains linoleic acid, which helps to accelerate the burning of fat.

Instead of sour cream, eat sour milk

According to the taste they are close, the difference in calorific value is enormous. In the sour cream there is a lot more fat and calories of course. Soups, sauces and salads are also delicious with sour milk.

losing weight cheese fruit grapes

Do not eat cheese with crackers, eat it with fruit

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