Latest tricks on fashion

There are five essential tricks every girl must know about fashion. These tips and tricks will get you through any fashion slump and make any outfit look amazing.

fashion quote audrey hepburn happy girls are the prettiest

Audrey Hepburn knew what she was talking about!

#1 Mix patterns

Don’t be afraid to get wild by mixing different graphics and patterns together. How to do this is stick to one or two hues of the same color. Staying in the same color family makes a striped top, a patterned bag and fun shoes work.

latest tricks on fashion mix patterns

Latest tricks on fashion: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns

#2 Play with your basics

Neutrals are a must in every wardrobe but don’t put boring with boring, add some fun and funk. Adding bold accessories is the easiest way to achieve a fun and flawless look. Bright statement necklaces, earrings, and colorful bags can make basic look brilliant.

latest tricks on fashion basics accessories

Latest tricks on fashion: Add some accessories!

#3 Mixing class and denim

For some it’s hard to imagine wearing a business casual outfit for just going to the store. Start imagining it because it’s possible to dress up denim but keeping it casual. Add an eye-popping work blouse with some cute shorts for a sophisticated summer look.

latest tricks on fashion denim jeans classy

Latest tricks on fashion: Sophisticated look with denim

#4 Wearing a blazer…

… to everything! Blazers aren’t just for work anymore honey; and ditching your boring black for a color is even more fun. Light weight blazers over a sundress for a concert is cute and classy, even a bold blazer with a casual top and jeans can make for a great outfit.

latest tricks on fashion blazer wearing

Latest tricks on fashion: Wear a blazer!

#5 Pick shoes based on hemline

I bet you’re thinking, what does she mean by that but it’s actually very simple. Always remember the shorter the hemline the lower your heel should be; unless you’re headed to a club. This rule is why jeans and heels look fantastic and short skirts and sandals are a summer go-to.

latest tricks on fashion  shoe picking hemline heels flats sneakers

Latest tricks on fashion: Pick the right shoes!

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