Tricks of how to get rid of belly until summer

Today is the perfect day to start, and by the summer on a simple way get rid of belly. How to do that on easy way? Here are some simple tricks!

how to get rid of belly until summer tricks

Easy tricks of how to get rid of belly until summer

Thanks to the sexy celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, feminine and rounded buttocks are no longer something bad and skinny models have long since ceased ideal of full stature. Nevertheless, we can get rid of the belly, that over the winter became slightly more rounded and sometimes looks over the waist of jeans, which is really irritating. We present you some very simple tricks, how to get rid of belly until summer without torment.

#1: Remove salt from your menu

Salty food is not good for our health not even for our line. Because of salt, water accumulates in the body and thus we become inflated and get cellulite. Try to reduce the amount of salt in your diet to a minimum and rather season your dishes with pepper or other spices.

#2: 50 crunches

To get rid of belly is impossible without exercise. If you’re the sporty type, set yourself realistic goals that you can handle them. Every day, do 50 crunches, but if you’ve got a bit more free time to do other exercises, for the body and stretching exercises, it would be great.

how to get rid of belly until summer crunches workout cardio

How to get rid of belly? It is impossible without exercise.

#3: Cardio exercise

Excess fat best and fast melts with the help of a cardio workout, so we recommend that you at least twice a week, running, dancing or make some aerobic exercise.

#4: Cancel carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are one of the biggest enemies of your belly and that for two reasons: because they make you inflated, and your body is introduced to an unnecessary calories. Give up carbonated drinks today and replace them with water or natural juices.

How to get rid of belly eating right diet

How to get rid of belly until summer? Start TODAY!

#5: Unsweetened tea

Some teas, yellow or green, assist in the elimination of fluid from the body, so it is recommended that you drink two to three cups a day. You can cool off unsweetened tea and keep it in a bottle, then gradually drink during the day.

#6: Upright posture

Upright posture will visually reduce your belly and optical narrows the entire line up. If you’re not accustomed to hold up straight, today is the perfect day to start.

how to get rid of belly stand up straight

How to get rid of belly? Stand up straight!

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