How to avoid cold?

You can easily avoid cold, even in colder months. Read here how.

avoid cold how to ways winter

We can easily avoid cold even in winter.

The average person has cold for two to four times per year

Summer is over and here are colder days which also brings flu and colds. You can strengthen your immune system by performing preventive and avoid cold even in winter. On average grown man has two to four colds per year, children even more, mostly in colder period of year. The main reasons for that are dry air and staying indoor most of the days which speed up transmission of infection between people.

How to avoid cold?

To avoid cold you should avoid contact with already infected people, take care of good hygiene and strengthen the immune system with healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Eat diverse and quality foods, many fresh vegetables and fruits which gives the body adequate vitamins and minerals. Great importance in strengthening the immune system have vitamin A and vitamin C as antioxidants who protects body from harmful external influences. Also important are vitamin D and vitamin E. Because winter has just a few sunny days it is important that we get vitamin D with proper food.

Not only vitamins, physical activity is also important

With proper nutrition it is also very important physical activity. Treat yourself with 30 minute walk every day on fresh air or some other sporting activities. Don’t overdo it and have adequate rest as well. You can visit sauna which is very good for your body to get used to the large temperature differences. Sauna will ensure good blood circulation in the body by sweating and help to eliminate the toxins that have accumulated in your body over the time. If possible, avoid stressful situations, eat healthy and you will get over the winter without annoying cough.

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