Home office

Customized working environment, flexible hours and proximity to loved ones are the most common reasons that some choose to work from home. Look at some of the best ideas for the home office.

Home office

Home office

Laptop on the couch is not home office!

Instead that you arranged a convenient, transparent working corner for working on the computer, most people work from home on couch or bed with laptop on the lap and the phone under the chin. Working from bed is definitely a unique luxury, but we must be aware that the long period of time working at the computer in the incorrect position brings severe suffering of our backbone and neck.

Therefore, first step of the decision to get your job (even partially) performed from home, is to choose a convenient space for home office and its equipment.

Selecting a space for home office – not too much and not too little

So, how to find the right corner in your home?

Home office

Home office in the living room

For home office you can choose a small room in your home, such as cabinet or devote part of a larger area, such as the living room. It is important that the space is just right – not too much and not too little.

Depending on the work you are doing, make sure there is sufficient room for computer, work surface (such as drawing or writing), and enough shelves, drawers, boxes and storage space. If the home office is too small everything will be cramped and therefore you will not be able to work effectively.

The key is in the appropriate equipment

For normal home office, table and “plain”, possibly folding chair for dining, is not an option, the reason for this is mainly a concern for your health. Also, you need to pay attention to the correct position when sitting and typing, proper distance to the monitor and adequate lighting.

Art studio at home

Art studio at home

Furniture manufacturers for this purpose offer a range of space-saving modular solution, for example, the angular table, which also contain space for the computer, pull-out keyboard panel and shelves and drawers below and above the surface of the table.

Such solutions are usually also relatively cheap, but do not forget that the unusually low price is often a sign of questionable quality. Even more than for table is important for a chair – choosing a low price chair will soon be reflected in back pain.

Custom made to meet your needs

However, that does not mean that you have to sit at home in the uniformed, boring work box, which you are happy to leave the workplace. Even if your budget is unlimited, you can use some ingenuity and in the furniture shops you find pieces, combine them together and give your work corner a personal touch.

Colorful binders, playful pens, a house plant and photos of your loved ones will be enough to make your work space your way. But do not forget, the main reason of working at home is to get the job done faster, with less cost and stress, so make sure that you will be in an environment in which you can work and be inspired. Colorful curtains, colorful wall hangings, collages frames for inspiration or overlooking at the green garden … these are all things that you can only afford in a home office.

Home office

Home office has it’s own benefits

Office for household?

With the development of the World Wide Web, online stores and online banking came another novelty – Home Office for household. Even in those homes, where nobody does their work from home, it is more and more common that most of the errands are done via computer and internet.

Paying bills, online shopping and keeping records of the family budget, all this is actually a kind of small office activity. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a good choice to consider about a special corner for your computer and some drawers and space for files to store your bills for household management. Since you will in this case in the working corner spend less time might be enough already small table or shelf with a wider chair, a computer and a few binders and envelopes can also hide in the closet.

Computer corner

Computer corner for household management

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