High intensity interval training

High intensity interval training or HIIT is a combination of the maximum and minimum intensity exercise activities.

High intensity interval training hiit workout everydaytalks

High intensity interval training greatly speed up your metabolism throughout the day.

Type of exercise is not important, the important thing is that you practice at 100% of your abilities. Example of an exercise: 20 seconds sprinting and 1 minute walk. You have to repeat the intervals five times and workout is over for one day. Do not forget to warm up before every workout, after all you will be practice at the edge of your abilities. Although it may sound to good to be true, scientists claim that this kind of workout has a lot of advantages.

Speed up fat loss

High intensity interval training greatly speed up your metabolism throughout the day. This means, that you don’t burn your calories only when your are working out, but still approximately 24 hours after training.

It is useful for the heart

Most people are not accustomed to anaerobic trainings. With HIIT, High intensity interval training, you will reach the anaerobic zone. This is when you can’t talk, catch your breath and you feel like your heart will fall out from the body.


Since the training mode is so simple and kind of exercise isn’t important, you can perform HIIT anywhere – at home, in nature, in the gym, in your office, on vacation,… Also you don’t need any special equipment, just comfortable clothes.

Now you don’t have anymore excuses for physical inactivity, so take a half an hour a week for nice physique and health.

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