The most healthy fish

Although we often hear that the most healthy fish is salmon, a known nutritionist highlights another type of fish as the most healthy one. Check here about which fish is he talking about.

most healthy fish mackerel cooking

Mackerel stands for the most healthy fish.

Tuna fish is one of the most healthy foods, because it contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids, which lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce different inflammations. We should eat tuna fish more often than the meat- But tuna is not the only fish, that have the positive effects on our health. Earl Mindell, well known nutritionist in his book, Food as Medicine, lists the most healthy types of food and what we should eat with most common diseases. He states, that according its nutritional value, the most healthy fish is mackerel.

Why the mackerel fish is so healthy fish?

The meat of the Mackerel is one of the riches sources of omega 3 fatty acids, because they have it 2.1 gram per 120 grams (that is 1.75 grams fatty acids per 100 grams), while bluefin tuna rich has 1.6 grams per 100 grams.

With 1 gram of omega 3 fatty acids we reduce the risk of heart disease by 40 percent. Mackerel are also excellent source of calcium, one serving contains 10 percent of daily requirement of calcium and very good source of vitamin D, which is key element in absorption of calcium and our body need it for health and strong teeth and bones. Mackerels are also rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin A and E, which prevent cancer and protects agains heart attack and stroke, as well as a number of vitamins of group B, which helps to reduce fatigue, regulate nervous system and are essential for a healthy nail and hair growth.

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