Hands in winter

Hands are in winter under attack of low temperatures and wind, so during that period we have to pay special attention to them. Read here how to take care of your hands in winter.

hands in winter hand cream dry skin

Hands in winter need special care.

Hands are undoubtedly the part of the body, which during the cold months deserve special attention. The wind and low temperatures are their enemy number one and if we add age sports and brittle nails, the result isn’t nice.

Extremely vulnerable parts of the body deserve special care in winter: for dark spots use face cream rich in vitamin C and B3 or you can help yourself with natural preparations such as mixture of lemon, papaya, garlic juice and vinegar. The collagen in the skin dissolves over the years and the result is reduced elasticity of the skin. Creams with antioxidants, amino acids, ceramid, retinol and peptides help to prevent wrinkles.

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Even your nails aren’t safe at low temperatures, so adapt manicure to the season. In winter are more appropriate shorter nails, painted in neutral colours, so you don’t need to replace it very often. Clean your nails with mixture of  lemon, tea tree oil and baking soda, cuticles pamper in honey bath. Nails and hands will be grateful if you moisturise them with products rich in vitamin E, excellent solution for flexible skin on hands and soft skin around your nails is also coconut oil and shea butter.

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