5 foods that lower cholesterol

Olive oil (photo: SXC)

Olive oil is great for lowering your cholesterol (photo: SXC)

More and more people have problems with a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood due to inadequate nutrition. What are the foods that  lower cholesterol?

Cholesterol is only in foods of animal origin

Cholesterol is a glossy white crystalline substance. For our bodies it is inevitable needed and its lack or excess can harm our health. Approximately one-third of the cholesterol is synthesized in our body, the rest of it we have to get it by food we eat. But, first of all, it is best to clarify an important fact – cholesterol is only in foods of animal origin. Most cholesterol can be found in egg yolks, offal, meat, milk and milk products. More and more people have problems with a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood, that is more than 5 mmol/l. What are foods which help in lowering cholesterol?


Daily use of almonds reduces LDL cholesterol for about 4.4%. Almonds contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and have beneficial effects on heart function. However, do not overdo it with the consumption of these nuts, as they are quite calorific.


Oatmeal are a very healthy meal for breakfast and an excellent source of soluble fiber. Treat yourself to them along with regular probiotic yoghurt with dried or fresh fruit or milk.

Red Wine

Red wine is a treasury of flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants and help in lowering blood cholesterol. For women, the recommended amount of 1 glass of wine per day. If you don’t drink alcohol, there are two alternatives – freshly squeezed juice of red grapefruit or cacao from real cacao beans.

Olive Oil

One of the foods that lower cholesterol is also Olive oil. It is a rich source of antioxidants that lower LDL cholesterol, while HDL cholesterol leaving intact. It is mainly used in the Mediterranean diet, it is known by its positive effect on the cardiovascular system. If you use olive oil, buy extra virgin olive oil because it is less processed and contains more antioxidants.

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